The 10,000 Question Challenge

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Hi, guys!

We here at Howtotoken love challenges. And we believe that the best way to learn anything starts by asking questions. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter who you’re asking, the main goal is to simply start asking questions.

Howtotoken is a community of people who are passionate about education in the blockchain field. We have developers, traders, miners, and business people who write code or start up their projects. All of them are trained in that field, and Howtotoken provides valuable content for them to learn from.

Having operated it for several months now, we have met a lot of interesting people who are experts in their field, and sometimes they give really interesting and thoughtful insight on a particular topic. We have asked several questions and received interesting, thought-provoking answers. So, we decided to run the 10,000 Questions and Answers Challenge for 2018.

So here is the challenge: During this 2018 year, we will ask, get answers, and publish 10,000 questions regarding these categories:

  • Core Blockchain Development: This will cover everything from core blockchain technologies, to its development, to the methods of resolving the scaling problem, and cryptography in general (including understanding what will happen when quantum computers enslave the world).
  • Profits (trading, ICO, mining): These will all be questions related to earning money and understanding how long the cryptocurrency hype will go on. It will be questions regarding the mechanisms of trading and the nuances that distinguish crypto trading from usual trading. There will be questions about investing into ICOs and the real profitability behind the new technologies that are being developed in this field..
  • Real Disruptive models: There is the feeling that, in most cases, blockchain technology is farfetched, and there is no way to actually profit from implementing it into other markets (freelance services, the airline industry, the music industry, etc.). I would like to dive deep into these questions about how the blockchain can disrupt multiple industries, and to receive answers from the real practitioners and experts who have already implemented the blockchain in their fields and had great success (by the way, there is a good article on this subject here).
  • Law and regulations: Any questions regarding regulations, applicable legal practices, the legality of Bitcoin, and so much more, will fall into this category. Will ICOs soon be regulated? Is it legal to pay a salary in crypto?

The hashtag for this challenge is #10KQA, and you can join our challenge just using this hashtag on any social network.

Also, join and follow our challenge at:

  • @howtotoken – Here you can monitor daily updates on the next portion of questions and answers.
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