5 Beginner Courses on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Recommended by Experts

We have compiled a list of 5 educational resources for those of you who are beginning your crypto-journey. These courses will help you grasp the foundations of the blockchain so you can dive deeper into the crypto-world. All of these courses on this list have received positive reviews from experts, including journalists, bloggers, and professionals who have taken the courses themselves. The reviews on this list were not sponsored. Some of these reviews were shortened so that you receive only the most relevant content.

1. Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, Udemy

It is a basic course covering the fundamentals of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You will learn how the blockchain and cryptocurrencies work, and grasp the most important concepts and terms that are related to the blockchain and Bitcoin. The course is taught by George Levy, one of the more prominent blockchain professionals.

Recommended by Nicholas A. Beiard, author at Hacker Noon

Nicholas is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and contributor at Hacker Noon. He covers cryptocurrencies and learning resources.

George Levy is someone you should know, for a reason pertaining to the course shown above but also to follow along on your journey. He is the Chief Learning Office at Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), and a certified instructor on Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency. He is a leading professional in this space and someone you will want to learn from. This course was worth more than $15.00, and most of my takeaways were from watching digital illustrations of how the blockchains work, especially lectures on SHA256 Hash Demonstrations.

In George’s class, you will learn a great deal about bitcoin, the blockchain, mining, how and where to purchase digital currency, cryptography, and even forks and the upcoming SegWit. I am by nature a learner through reading as opposed to listening or watching so for anyone who learns optimally by seeing something happen; this is for you. Throughout this course, you will also get the opportunity to complete quizzes in between lectures which is excellent for validating your understanding of each subject. Once I had finished the course, I even messaged George to ask him a few in-depth questions, and he not only answered them but pointed me in the right direction to learn more about those matters.”

Price: 13 USD.

2. Cryptocurrency Investment Course, Udemy

This is an introductory course on cryptocurrency investment. It will teach you the fundamentals of how crypto markets and exchanges work, how to buy cryptocurrencies, and how to identify the most promising ones for short and long-term investments.

Recommended by The Bitcoin Exchange Guide

The Bitcoin Exchange Guide is a website dedicated to covering cryptocurrency markets and exchanges, as well as any news related to cryptocurrency investments and trading.

“Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2017 was created by a man named Suppoman, listed as a “Superhero Instructor” on Udemy. He’s launched 28 courses and taught 220,000+ students through the platform. He’s a UK-based entrepreneur who started building his audience in 2014 with no audience and limited skills. Today, he’s described as a cryptocurrency and social media guru.

Overall, the course provides a basic introduction to the world of cryptocurrency investing, including how it works, what you need to get started, how to analyze coins, and how to buy your first bitcoin. If you already own cryptocurrencies, then this course isn’t really targeted to you. If you want a broad overview of the topic, including specific details on how to get started with crypto investing as a complete beginner, however, then this may be a better option.”

Price: 12 USD

3. Cryptocurrency Investment Course: a Step-by-Step Guide, Udemy

With this beginner-level course you will learn how to start investing in cryptocurrencies, what the most reliable exchanges are, how to perform an analysis to identify the best-performing cryptocurrencies, and how to protect your crypto assets from hackers. The course is taught by crypto investor Sam Capizzi.

Recommended by Che Satoshi, cryptocurrency investor

Che Satoshi is a professional crypto investor and crypto enthusiast. In his blog he shares insights on crypto investment and trading.

“The beginning of the course is the introducing of the concepts you need to know to master the course. Also, he [the instructor] shows slides to get you a better understanding of the presented materials.

• Gives you an introduction to the following concepts: Bitcoin, Altcoin, exchange, and blockchain. Also, he guides you and recommends you to use Coinbase to start to buy Bitcoin.
• Gives you a good explanation on how to start on Poloniex and Bittrex and how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to those trading exchanges.
• Explains in details how to buy, sell and withdraw your first Altcoin on Bittrex and Poloniex.
• Teaches you how to store safely your coins on a cold wallet or a paper wallet.
• Introduces you the fundamental and technical analysis and how to profit from the crypto news.
• Introduces you to ICO, how to evaluate and invest in them.

The advantages of this course:

• The teacher speaks with a constant speed and it is pretty easy to follow his instructions.
• Presentation of the concepts with numbers from his academic background.
• Have a specific blueprint to follow to get you started in trading cryptocurrency.
• Gives good advice and security tips.
• Very easy to follow for someone without any prior experience.
• Emphasize a lot on security and recommend to enable the 2-factor authentication.
• Introduces you to the terminology you need to understand into this space.
• There is a good section on the technical analysis to help with your trading.”

Price: 12 USD

4. The Cryptovator’s Cryptocurrency Course

This is an introductory course on cryptocurrency, through which those who have no prior knowledge in this sphere will learn about how cryptocurrencies work and how to buy them, how the blockchain can change various industries, and how it can be applied to one’s own business. The course consists of downloadable videos and PDFs.

Recommended by The Bitcoin Exchange Guide

The Bitcoin Exchange Guide is a website dedicated to covering cryptocurrency markets and exchanges, as well as news related to cryptocurrency investments and trading.

“[The course] provides a general introduction to the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Here are some of the specific things you’ll learn:

What bitcoin is, how to buy bitcoin, and how to use it as a store of value or a medium of exchange
• How cryptography led to the creation of bitcoin and how blockchain technology works
• How bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created, and how to mine cryptocurrency for your own personal profit
• Learn the fundamentals of a range of cryptocurrencies and altcoins that could transform finance and technology
• How to buy and trade cryptocurrency and make short-term and long-term gains
• How financial technology and entire ecosystems are being created using blockchain technology
• How to build your own crypto-related online business, including branding and social media marketing strategies

Overall, The Cryptovator’s Cryptocurrency Course seems to offer a very basic overview yet advanced insight from someone who has been involved with years on multiple fronts of trading, mining and investing. Most of these cryptocurrency training programs usually contain information you can find for free online but Belal’s Cryptocurrency Course seems to be a fitting program for those looking to get more personalized help and assistance.

Also, taking the time to learn from unqualified and scattered internet resources can be an uphill battle so finding a nicely packaged offer all together can be of great benefit for those looking for how to start growing their cryptocurrency wallets. When all things considered, being asked to pay $197 (over a years time) for a set of PDF files could be the right path for most who are on the outside looking in and want to get verified information from someone who has been on the inside for more than four years.”

Price: 197 USD

5. University of Nicosia, MSc in Digital Currencies

This is a full-scale Master’s program in Digital Currencies that will bring you from a beginner level to an advanced level in cryptocurrency expertise. This is the first master’s program of its kind in the world, and it is fully taught online. One of the key instructors in the program is Andreas Antonopoulos, a famous crypto expert and author of the book Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies.

Recommended by Reddit user BPBryan 

BPBryan is a popular Reddit user who is especially active in threads about cryptomarkets and Bitcoin. He is a student at MSC in the Digital Currencies program administered by the University of Nicosia.

“[I am a] UNIC MSc student, soon to be graduate here. I joined the program because I was interested in Bitcoin but didn’t know where to go to get credible information on the subject. I was grateful to spend the time taking the free intro class that Andreas co-taught with George. I learned a lot about the tech and industry from that class which encouraged me to enroll in the course. The pros of the course: learning from teachers about the subject and also learning from them on how to navigate this new technology. Bitcoin changes perceptions on not only how people view money but also how people teach about money. It’s great to see curiosity from the teachers in this course. Fellow students in the course have gone on to submit research papers and create exchanges in different countries where Bitcoin is nascent. Classes included: Money and Banking, Financial Management, Digital Currency Infrastructure, innovations in developing countries and a few more.

Education is what you make of it. Many people I know can go through a long history of learning cryptography and computer science at a prestigious school in the US but end up getting a job writing about how Bitcoin can’t scale because of transaction volumes and past innovations strategies.”

Price: 14900 USD