For the Sex Technology Business, the Blockchain is More than just a Secure Payment System

victor ubugunov

Anyone who’s searching for stimulation sex tech knows that the current sex toy market doesn’t include devices that are both comfortable to use or provide a good-quality sensual experience. This is precisely why Victor Ubugunov, founder and CEO of ExoLover, formed a truly global team, with both manufacturing and design capabilities, to bring human sexuality into a new territory. The security features offered by the blockchain creates the perfect conditions for intimacy that enhances the human sexual experience beyond our wildest imaginations!

Nice to meet you, Victor, thanks for talking with us. Considering the type of industry that you are currently working in, a few puns might be thrown, but purely for the sake of light-hearted fun, we hope you don’t mind. But getting down to it, can you tell us about yourself? What has led you to the creation of ExoLover? What have your prior experiences been like?

Thank you for the opportunity and showing interest in our project. To answer your question, I’m a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started, grown, and sold companies for more than 20 years. As with all my business endeavours, I need to understand the market and be passionate about the idea and truly believe in the business model and value proposition before I even consider setting up a venture. That’s the reason why ExoLover has taken almost a decade of research before finally presenting the concept to the world.

exolover interview

My initial interest in the sex tech industry was sparked by personal experience, as my wife and I were searching for the options available in the sex toy market in terms of devices that are both comfortable to use and provide good-quality pleasure.

Victor, could you tell more about your team? Why did you decide to base this project in Australia?

Although Australia is the primary base of our operations, where the company was formed, and where we registered and patented our sex tech, the ExoLover team is truly global. Our team is continuously expanding, but we currently have members of the team hailing from several parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

Speaking of the team, we should mention the creators of the merchandise. What do you think makes these products so revolutionary? How may this lead to advancements in terms of competition?

We are working with a number of well-established sex toy manufacturers, mostly in China, who is the largest producers of sex toys in the entire world, with about 70% of the world’s sex toys being manufactured there. What makes ExoLover truly revolutionary is the fact that our project is aimed at bringing human sexuality into new territory and transforming how we express love and intimacy. Ultimately, ExoLover is in the sex technology business to design products and enable connections that enhance human sexuality and the human sexual experience.

The sexual market is, essentially, both ancient and advanced at the same time. Now we have an array of escort services, webcams, virtual services, and all sorts of activities that you probably couldn’t even imagine. What makes your project so unique and attractive amongst the rest them?

The products that we are developing are innovative, well-crafted, and feature-unique technologies that make them superior to others on the market. Our ExoLover sex toys are also patented state-of-the-art wearable devices that realistically emulate preceptory, acoustic, somatic, visual, and haptic stimuli, thus allowing users to interact remotely over the decentralized ExoLover platform.

The global sex toy market is expected to exceed US$29 billion by 2020, and as the first movers in this niche, we know that there is huge potential for growth in this business. What makes us unique is that we are bringing together high-calibre stimulation sex tech (made possible by our manufacturing and design capabilities) and the security features offered by the blockchain. This fusion allows us to effectively enable the transmission of real sexual sensations, including touch, intercourse, and gentle caresses, through Internet-enabled devices and a secure payment system.

So the service focuses on the anonymity of both users. But actual human connection is what most of the clients of such a service seek. How could ExoLover make a shift in this regard with devices that do not represent human physiology? Or is this a question of future trends? Might we face a reality where physical contact no longer needs to be present?

The groundbreaking technology incorporated into ExoLover’s engineering and design, along with the power of the cryptographic security offered on the blockchain, is definitely a core strength of our value proposition. However, we are committed to building Internet-connected sex toys that interact with each other via mobile and desktop applications, using haptic touch technology to record sexual motions and send sensations between lovers remotely. Our electronic equipment will consist of hardware and software that allows users to set the program and control virtual sex.


Some experts will say that sex starts in the mind, and that it has a lot more to do with imagination, fantasy, and desire than the simple actual act of copulation. Flesh is not the main factor when it comes to sexual fulfilment and enjoyment as far as I’m concerned. I think the psychological aspects are equally important. With that in mind, ExoLover’s aim is not to replace the natural way of sexual intercourse through real physical contact between partners. Instead, we are simply catering to a segment that has a gap, especially with regards to long-distance sexual encounters, which some of the other services are also catering to as well. However, there is a missing element that most of the products and services currently available (including dildos, erotic chats, cyber sex, and web cams) cannot fulfill, and ExoLover devices certainly will. That gap or missing element is the ability to have signals activated on body parts using wearable devices to emulate the sensation of stimulation during a real physical encounter.

While anonymity provides some benefits, it is a serious obstruction for the development of relationships. Also, the customization feature might scare some users because their partner may lie about certain things. So why is anonymity one of the key points? And is there a feature for content creators to bypass this by some special function?

The issue of fake profiles, as some might call it, is one that doesn’t worry us because users need to own ExoLover devices in order to connect to the Exo blockchain platform, which eliminates many of the problems facing most dating apps and adult sites today. ExoLover’s decentralized platform will simplify the platform registration process in accordance with the principle of anonymity and connect users in complete privacy so that they can mutually enjoy the sexual experiences using ExoLover sex toys. The anonymity of contacts will be provided by a simplified registration process in the system at the electronic address of the EXO wallet.

Let’s talk now about your marketing campaign. It’s nice that you have some starting points that are a bit unorthodox. What could be used to attract the mainstream users from the existing platforms? What starting figures of users are you expecting to get represented in a soft/hard cap fashion?

We are very optimistic about the progress of our project. Even in this somewhat downward crypto market, ExoLover still managed to reach its soft cap in the first week of the pre-initial token distribution. In terms of our potential market and what could attract users to our platform, I’d say ExoLover is the only entity in the space offering an Internet-enabled decentralized web platform, which has cutting-edge functionality and incorporates the use of tokens, smart contracts, a dedicated wallet, and a new proof-of-connect mechanism.

Aside from that, the devices we are developing will remotely provide the feeling of a real sexual encounter – something that other teledildonics and haptic devices, artificially intelligent vibrators, open-source devices, wearable clitoral stimulators, and e-pleasure devices have not yet explored, so we hope to become the market leader in this space.  

Is there a place for content creators? Do they have some benefits to gain from ExoLover? Do you think that, for example, the webcam business can make use of VR and Exo devices to reach some new levels of sensations?

Our platform is open to third-party content providers who are also incentivized to create great content and earn EXO tokens, which is part of the token ecosystem. Producers, adult stars, and all sorts of content and service providers will be rated by users, which means that high-ranking providers will have the opportunity to attract more users to their content and thereby earn tokens as well. All EXO adult novelty devices will be equipped with electronic chips, and they can only work when connected to the platform. The protection of adult content from piracy is ensured by the use of smart contracts within the platform.

All that merchandise could prove to be rather pricey. Is there some kind of “trial access” available? Also, this industry might be considered to be taboo in some people’s minds. What could change in the mindset of the general public to make it more popular?

People who join our Exo Lovers Club will get exclusive access to content, updates, and even get a chance to try our devices before they enter the mass market. As far as people’s attitudes toward our type of business – I can only say that ExoLover is ushering in a new sexual revolution. Society’s attitudes toward sex is shifting, and ExoLover is positioned at the forefront of this new progressive era.

exolover team

It seems that the theme of “partnership” is not unrelated here. So what partners do you have? Ha, we don’t mean you personally, rather the ExoLover team and their business connections. Do you have some major investors or blockchain-related partners? Are you planning to cooperate with someone particular in the near future?

We are going to make a special announcement in the very near future about the partners and collaborators we have been able to bring onboard, but you can expect to find some really big industry players among them.

Let’s talk about your mobile application. Does the Google Play/App Store have some sort of mature content policy? And with the anonymity provided, how could children be prevented from using this application? Could this platform also be used for sex education purposes?

Yes, there is a huge possibility to experiment, educate, meet, and interact on the platform, which will be compatible with the ExoSuite of adult novelty devices. The Exo platform and Exo Lovers Club are only available to individuals who have reached the legal age, and access is available both via desktop or mobile.

There is a detailed paragraph listed on your white paper that describes the various risks involved with the project. What could you describe as your main concern? Do you have some countermeasures prepared?

We have a team of experts advising us at each stage of our project implementation, and it’s safe to say that although nothing is ever foolproof, we take the utmost care in ensuring that every potential risk is mitigated. Our reputation is our biggest asset and we will do our best to make sure that our due diligence and quality assurance processes are handled properly.

Could you tell us about the EXO token? How would you describe the life cycle of the token? How pricy will routine actions turn out to be? How can the stability of the coin be maintained?

The EXO token is a utility platform token for use on the Exo platform, and it can be used to procure products and services offered on the platform. EXO tokens will be used to connect with other remote users, and they will also be used to purchase ExoLover’s range of high-tech sex toys. In this case, the price will be discounted.

victor ubugunov interview

When receiving EXO tokens, a unique EXO wallet number is generated by random selection, which will be the key for creating an anonymous profile on the platform. EXO tokens will also be a base for the user reward, “proof of connect.” We are only creating 1 billion of them, and because of our proof of connect mechanism, in which tokens get burned, it will be no surprise that the value of the tokens will rise with the limited supply.

Also, why have you decided to make that a random reward system? This might turn into a gamble or something else. Like, will older users hunt newbies to relieve them of their tokens?

The user reward system is an appropriate tool for incentivizing our community of users. Since our platform will rely on user participation to truly reach wide-scale adoption, we allocated tokens to initially promote greater participation, however, the user reward algorithm (which is triggered by the proof of connect system) is not simply based on a “first come, first win” basis. A winner is selected randomly to make the playing field fair and unbiased, free of user preferences.

What could you say about the blockchain environment and your relationship with it? There are some projects out there that may share your sphere of interest while proposing a different ideology (for example, Datecoin). So is this environment hostile or friendly overall? What do you think might happen with cooperation among the blockchain community as a whole in the future?

Diversification in the industry is crucial to its survival, so we welcome other players. For the industry to succeed overall, we certainly need to have as many sex tech companies developing new concepts so long as they are customer-centric. Also, our value proposition is quite unique and no one in the space is proposing an identical offering. Ultimately, it’s about the bigger vision – which is to enable people across the world to enjoy better Internet-enabled sexual experiences.

As an investor with sufficient experience, how would you describe the possibilities of this industry in the future? There has to be some possible drawbacks as well. What might the introduction of the blockchain change?

Through using Exo Tokens, anonymous transactions can be conducted publicly, bringing about safety and transparency that the industry only dreamed of a few years ago. The devices in development will make it possible to connect and interact safely across borders. Utilizing the two closely linked Exo hardware and blockchain software will enable users to experience real sensations remotely.

exolover interview

As far as the growth potential of the Exo tokens, just imagine if the majority of people have sex three or four times a week. If a significant number of people use the platform and devices with such frequency are using EXO tokens, which are then burned due to the proof of connect mechanism, the demand for EXO tokens will just keep rising.

A lot of exciting stuff! Thank you for sharing everything with us. Where can we check your work and stay updated on your latest updates?

For more information, you can find us online on all the popular media channels and you can also visit us on our website at, and you’re also welcome to join our exclusive Exo Lovers Club.