The Top 5 Courses for Cryptocurrency Investors Recommended by Experts

We have collected 5 learning resources for aspiring and experienced crypto investors that will help you to improve your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the analytical skills necessary for successful investing. All of the courses in this list have received positive reviews from the professionals who work in fields related to cryptocurrencies. For instance, from popular bloggers and journalists who cover the crypto markets. None of the reviews in this list were sponsored. Some reviews were shortened so that you are presented only with the relevant information.

1. Crypto Investing Pro

You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of investments in cryptocurrencies compared to the more conventional investments like gold, stocks, and bonds. Also, the course provides an overview of the most important indicators for an investor and of the major cryptocurrencies in the market. The course gives an in-depth analysis of Ethereum as well. The course consists of more than 40 videos that cover the foundations of cryptocurrency investments. It is taught by professional investor Alex Fortin.

Recommended by The Bitcoin Exchange Guide

The Bitcoin Exchange Guide is a website dedicated to covering cryptocurrency markets and exchanges, as well as any news related to cryptocurrency investments and trading.

“Crypto Investing Pro is an online course priced at $600+ for one year of access. The course is all digital: there are no physical products delivered. It’s a series of 40+ videos explaining the basics of cryptocurrency investing and analysis. Overall, the content of the course is catered towards beginners – including investors who have heard about cryptocurrency and want to get involved, but aren’t really sure how to get started.

Crypto Investing Pro is a basic overview of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. After a brief introduction, the guide explains how investors can build, manage, and protect a cryptocurrency portfolio.

The biggest problem with Crypto Investing Pro seems to be the price: it’s unclear why the course comes with a $50 per month monthly fee in addition to the $67 upfront fee.

One of the good things about Crypto Investing Pro is that it comes with a generous refund policy: you can get a full refund with no questions asked within 60 days – which is the standard refund policy for all Clickbank purchases.”

Price: roughly 600 USD per year (67 USD upfront fee + 50 USD monthly subscription fee)

2. Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy

Tai Lopez, who is a professional investor, shares his own insights into cryptocurrency investments, and he invites his friends who professionally invest in cryptocurrency to share their advice with the course participants as well. The course covers the foundations of cryptocurrency investment and the analysis of cryptomarket trends relevant to investors.

Recommended by Mark, the professional investor

Mark is an investor from the UK who makes his living through online trading and investments. He also has a blog where he shares reviews on resources related to trading and and other subjects that might be helpful to those who want to earn money online.

“This new course from Tai Lopez looks very interesting and I am not at all surprised he has come out with a cryptocurrency course since it’s such a hot topic at the moment.

If you want to get started I see no reason why it wouldn’t be a good purchase. I am happy to recommend it as I am a big fan of Tai’s.

Tai talks about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum but one of the things covered is actually the rise of altcoins. Alt coins are basically “alternatives” to Bitcoin. All the hype is surrounding Bitcoin lately and to be fair Bitcoin is the godfather of cryptocurrency. It’s the one that probably has the biggest long term potential however some people might argue the boat has already sailed.

So what Tai is teaching (or his friend is teaching) is about how to invest in alt coins that can give you huge returns of 100%, 1000% and even 10,000% and I know this to be true because I have actually seen this happen myself as I am an investor of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies myself. I have seen coins surge from being worth nothing to being worth $100’s per coin!”

Price: 1500 USD per 8-week program

3. $20 Bitcoin Blueprint, Agora Financial

The Bitcoin Blueprint is a downloadable resource from Agora Financial. It was written by by the Financial Editor for Agora Financial, Louis Baseness. This ebook covers the ways one can make a lot of money with cryptocurrencies through a minor investment as low as $20. It will be of use to people who are new to cryptocurrency investment and want to get the basics about how the cryptomarkets work and how to uncover the most profitable trends.

Recommended by The Financial Star Daily, financial blog about investing

“The Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint is targeted at people who are relatively new to bitcoin and the opportunities the cryptocurrency world has to offer. The resource claims that these cryptocurrencies are set to experience massive games.

This eBook claims to show you exactly how to turn your small investment into a “quick fortune” in just a few simple steps. The process involves three things:

1. $20
2. The fact that may penny cryptocurrencies have exploded in price over the past few weeks, from as much as a 12,000% to 56,000% rise in value
3. On the 30 September, over 260,000 stores are expected to begin trading with cryptocurrencies.

Based on these facts, the authors of the Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint claim that you could make a decent fortune in less than one year. To do this you don’t need to be a financial or Bitcoin expert, or have copious amounts of free time. Actually, they intimate that the less you know the better, so that there won’t be any bias. Overall, The Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint claims their system has been used in real life to generate $1.6 million in three days.

The cryptocurrency industry is full of initial coin offerings or ICOs and during this time, a company will distribute shares in the form of digital tokens. In some cases, these can be bought for mere pennies. We have seen cases where the digital tokens distributed during an ICO have increase by several thousand percent in value. This is the concept that the Blueprint is leveraging.

The $20 Bitcoin Blueprint will recommend which stocks to buy, when to buy them and when to sell. It also reveals opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Every one of us would love to become millionaires overnight, especially considering most of us have no skills, experience or expertise with regard to financial trading. This eBook claims to teach anybody how to become a cryptocurrency millionaire for just a $20 investment.

There have been many penny cryptocurrencies that have experienced enormous gains over the past few months and this gives credence to what this eBook is offering. NewYorkCoin and GAYcoin have both enjoyed remarkable gains.

Ultimately, this newsletter and eBook are for those who are daring enough to chance the market and are looking at alternative ways to make money. And for some, this approach has proved very lucrative.”

Price: the ebook is free if you have a True Alpha membership. 1-year Silver membership costs $49 USD.

4. Cryptocurrency Courses, Udemy

Suppoman is an instructor of a number of Udemy’s top-rated cryptocurrency investment courses. The courses range in levels, so you can choose the one that matches your experience. Overall, Suppoman is probably the top-rated crypto investing instructor on Udemy. He currently teaches more than 29 courses with 270,000 enrolled participants. His most successful course at the date is one in which he’s explaining how to setup masternodes.

Recommended by Reddit user thecannonsgalore 

Cannonsagalore is a popular Reddit users who actively posts in cryptocurrency-related threads.

“I started watching Suppoman Udemy on YouTube about 4 months ago, and I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by his content. It appears to be highly informative (which I’ll touch on later), however it does leave the viewer questioning the validity or truthfulness of his words — which is why you’ve created this post. If you watch his videos, you will quickly notice that Suppoman is a very charismatic YouTube personality. This was something which made me apprehensive and I started to question whether he is this way because he is truly excited about cryptocurrencies or if it is just a way to make the inexperienced or new cryptocurrency trader feel like they are watching someone who knows what they’re doing.

Based on the evidence Suppoman provides and the information he DOES give his audience, it is clear that he does have a good, working knowledge of cryptocurrencies (for example: he makes a point of recommending cryptocurrencies which have masternodes. The problem however, lies in the fact that if you know what you’re doing, you too would know that masternodes are far better than mining. Again, understand that he hasn’t told you something you didn’t know. But, if you’ve been trading for a while and did not come to that conclusion on our own regarding masternodes…. Maybe you should sell your tokens and take some profit and start at a cryptocurrency 101 before you make some more trades.

Will I personally continue watching his videos? Yes. I’m a student and I cannot keep up with news feeds for accessing all the news on cryptocurrencies and he does review the latest crypto news and this is beneficial.”

Price: around 12 USD per course

5. Crypto Investing Insider

It is a training course designed for investors who want to develop their own investing strategies. The Crypto Investing Insider suggests that through good knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies, one can develop highly profitable strategies so that they strive to educate new crypto investors about the underlying mechanisms of cryptocurrencies and markets.

Recommended by The Bitcoin Exchange Guide

The Bitcoin Exchange Guide is a website dedicated to covering cryptocurrency markets and exchanges, as well as any news related to cryptocurrency investments and trading.

“The Crypto Investing Insider crypto trading course is led by Chris Douthit, and covers all of the steps involved in getting started with crypto. After completing the course, Crypto Investing Insider members open a broker account with their preferred online crypto broker.

The Crypto Investing Insider platform assists traders in establishing their accounts with crypto brokers, and guides users through the identification and KYC procedures. Crypto Investing Insider also helps members establish a presence on popular trading platforms.

Crypto Investing Insider provides users with a massive members forum in which members trade strategies and advice, as well as updates on the latest and most profitable investment opportunities.

The Crypto Investing Insider platform is a straightforward and transparent crypto trading training platform. If you’re looking for a detailed, easy-to-understand resource that will help you develop a winning crypto investment strategy, Crypto Investing Insider is worth consideration.”

Price: 97 USD per month