What Can Customer Reviews Mean in the Context of Blockchain

rateonium interview

With online reviews being an important source of information for all sorts of internet users, it is unfortunate that we face more and more cases where those opinions do not represent the reality of the situation. Low customer involvement in the rating process, content reviews that are being paid for, and many other issues turn the industry into a stalemate where needs cannot be met by suppliers. Hopefully, there’s still a chance that projects like Rateonium can create a positive trend by using a blockchain approach. Here we’ve had the chance to talk with a part of their leading team, Marko Krusnetsevic, CEO and Founder and Kai Cilingiroglu, CTO, where we’ve discussed their future goals, plans, and aspirations. We are excited to share our extensive conversation with you, so prepare yourself for a long-read!

Hi team Rateonium. We are glad to have the opportunity to conduct this interview with you. All great things come from something small, so we hope that you will follow the same way. Oh, and we don’t actually think that you are “small,” it’s just that it seems that you are beginning to publicize and the information about you and your project is rather scarce. With this said, we would like to ask you to formally (or informally, which is more interesting in fact) introduce yourselves as a team. Tell us about your past experiences and how you’ve all come together.

Hello team howtotoken, first of all, thank you for having us here today. You are right, we have just launched our website and started our Marketing and Public Relation activities. Since coming online we’ve given our best efforts to offer deep insights about us and the project. But as you said, all things start small, and in the next weeks we will offer more and more information about the project itself and us as a team.

Speaking of the team, you have asked who we actually are and how we all came together. Rateonium stands for community and community means diversity. That statement is fulfilled. In our team we are representing more than five nationalities which can sometimes lead to funny team events. Each team member plays an important role in the corporate culture and was chosen specifically regarding their character, spirit, and capabilities. If you want to build a successful business and become a global player, the team plays the most important role. Even with a smart and unique concept it is essential that every part works together effectively, like Swiss clockwork.

Everyone on our team has their own story and has gained the needed expertise to be a part of Rateonium. Take our CEO Marko Krusnetsevic as an example. His long-term experience as a CEO and as a Marketing Vice President has given him enough experience to provide leadership for the development of global strategic marketing plans, as well as partnering with high-level officers to grow the company to strengthen and ensure its sustainability. With his outstanding professional experience, he has refined his personal opinion of perfect customer relationship management. It was his idea to build up a platform which provides an environment where both parties can come together and benefit from each other while creating a sustainable business world.

rateonium app

The needed IT knowledge for this venture is being brought in by our CTO Kai Cilingiroglu. He combined blockchain technology with Marko’s business idea and that is how Rateonium came to life. Kai is known for his German perfectionism and accurate working approach. As the CTO of Rateonium, while aligning with our core principles of trust and security, Kai is going to provide the highest data protection for you as our customers and clients. It is his responsibility to develop the company‘s strategy (with the management board) for using our technological resources in the most efficient, profitable, and secure way possible.

Since 2016, our management board has continuously built a team which currently has more than 16 members working on three different continents. In the last four months we have grown together as a family who are all on the same mission: We want to change the way customers and companies are interacting with each other. We have been called insane and boisterous, but still, we have come so far and taking a look at our roadmap, there is still much to attain.

Now it’s “nice to meet you,” actually knowing who you are talking with. But our little introduction could not be finish without the main guest – the project itself. Could you share a brief history of Rateonium up to the present, the hardships you overcame and the results you’ve achieved? What spurred the initial motivations to start this undertaking? And what does the title mean?

Taking a look at our company’s history and the hardships we had to overcome, we have to start right at the beginning of Rateonium. Nothing would have been possible without the necessary capital to get things going. So Marko had to convince Djevad Lakota, who is a successful business angel in Macedonia, as well as other small investors to believe in our business concept and the vision itself.

The next big step was to start the first cooperation and get companies to register with our partner program. This was a harsh time period and a lot of pitches had to be performed before the partner basis was built. In this phase a lot was learned about our target group and their needs, particularly when it comes to customer relationship management and customer communication. The last big step we are going to overcome is the upcoming Pre-Sale, which will be our first real market test. We are anxious to see what the crypto community thinks about Rateonium.

So you asked where our motivation comes from. First of all it has its source from our collective belief in blockchain technology and its applications in day-to-day life. We hold the opinion that anonymised data transmission must be used as soon as possible to ensure that individual users are protected in terms of their personal information. Secondly, we have seen how fake reviews can lead to marketing distortion and benefit companies who do not provide a good service but instead have the resources to buy customer ratings.

In summary, we want to change things out there because we think that customer information has to be protected. Furthermore, the business world should become more transparent and consumers need to be entitled and have access to unadulterated product and service information. This system can combine perfectly with our untraceable Token, RTO, because it enables companies to reward customers after providing useful information about their product and service experience.

And this is the value of Rateonium. Combining a rating system with a cryptocurrency – all based on blockchain technology.

It seems that you are pursuing a goal of creating an environment of fair and all-accessible opinions and a review system for both consumers and companies to thrive. With this being said, it seems that you doubt current review and media platform to be the sources of “fairness”. This issue might even involve the blockchain industry as well with ratings getting less trustworthy over time. So how does the “rating market” works as it is right now? What are the core principles and trends everyone follows? Would you consider this to be the rule of the game or just a vicious cycle that we have to escape?

At Rateonium, we are convinced that a company’s performance is related to the average customer opinion. In the case of products and services offered online, billions of customers currently rely on reviews. Groups are already beginning to form different opinions on how much trust they place in online customer reviews.

Let me mention some numbers to show you how important ratings actually are. Recent research has shown that on average, only 2% of buyers actually provide a review that’s accessible to others, even though 75% of consumers only make a purchase decision after reading the reviews. Furthermore, 40% of consumers distrust offers with no customer ratings and, most importantly, 20% of customers already believe that most ratings are falsified. To break it down into a statement: Too few of customers write qualitative reviews, which means that there is no suitable data on which new leads may base their decision. In addition, there is no globally active verification system to prove the authenticity of customer ratings.

Unfortunately that all affirms a market for paid ratings. Rating agencies are hired from companies to publish reviews about services and products. These so called impartial “rating agencies” often take money from companies and publish ratings according to their received contribution. These fake reviews lead to bad customer decisions, which are then followed by market distortions. Customers strongly rely on pure information, and the best way to provide this information is to find a way in which more than 2% of customers are motivated to submit a product/service review. So to answer your question if we consider the rating market to be the rule of the game. No, we from Rateonium are convinced that there should be no “market” for reviews. There must be a clear structure about how ratings are actually submitted and verified. We have found a way to ensure this trustable structure and are willing to offer it to the world.

It’s always nice to start right from the basics. So let’s talk about the basics behind Rateonium economics. It’s nice that there are actual examples of internal ecosystems working to grasp the concepts of the system. The front/back end architecture plan looks great as well. But the thing we actually want to talk about is the base your project is built upon. Because you are just getting started and have no users, there are no reviews and with no companies, therefore there is nothing to review. So how are you planning to create the initial momentum for the project to start scaling? What kind of activities could create this spark for Rateonium to begin prospering? Do you have some of those methods prepared? And are the methods of gathering crowds limited by marketing and advertising?

Basically the base of Rateonium consists of three main parts. The system, the partner companies, and the community. As you already said, our front and backend architecture is already precisely planned and is well-structured. With the additional funds we are asking for, the remaining development of the app can be finished and we will go online. Talking about the next part, the partner companies, you need to know that we definitely have a few aces up our sleeves. Since the beginning of 2017 Marko, and later our sales team of Angela Carrascal and Oklah Salman, have worked all over the world to build a network of companies from highly diverse business industries.

Right now we have cooperation with 23 global players and more than 750 medium-sized companies. Unfortunately we are not allowed to advertise with their brand names at the moment because that would consequently take away the competitive advantages our system entails. But one thing can be said, you would be surprised which companies already have our pen in their offices.

So let us talk about the third and most important part of the Rateonium system: The Community. How do you build a worldwide community? Well, to be honest, regarding our roadmap it would be completely impossible to get people from every continent interacting with each other, even though they would all benefit from such interactions. But what is the solution? The solution is you build up trust within a community which already covers the whole planet and show them that what you are doing with your business will consistently create a better world. This is exactly what we are doing during our ICO. We have built a structure consisting of a system as a platform and a worldwide partner network, and now we want the blockchain community to be our trailblazer.

Looking back at the last few years, that is exactly what blockchain technology and its community is. It is a trailblazer in terms of cooperating as a community and sharing the same mission: Making the world a better place and ensuring fast, safe, and anonymous data transmission. We believe the time has come where customer reviews will change marketing strategies and quality management systems around the world, and so do our partner companies. You were asking about creating the initial momentum for the project. See, if we take a look at our hard cap, and we are sure that this is a realistic aim, more than 100,000 people are already in touch with Rateonium. Now think about what will happen if influential companies around the world tell their customers that from now on they get rewarded when they share their service and product experience. Then we are talking about creating real momentum.

Client orientation is always a nice thing to have. From the looks of it, this path is something that you aspire to follow. So how do things work behind public rating services and their users? Also, these bonus systems of yours may look tempting, but in fact how much could you rely on the rewards that you acquire? So is this a little bonus, or a thing you can make a living on as some kind of expert reviewer?

Let us start with public rating services. If you go on Google and search for a nice place to go out for dinner tonight you might stumble over reviews which appear next to your listing in Maps and Search. Google’s statement about these ratings is:

“Reviews on Google provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers.” Let us take a closer look at this “valuable information”. Well, basically everyone can submit a review on Google, which leads to a few questions. Who wrote the reviews? Did this person actually buy the specific service or product or did the review publisher and the company have an agreement? See, millions of people rely on reviews like this and their choices are based on this “valuable information”. And we are asking, can they really be pure and valuable? No, how could they, if there is no clear and predefined structure about how they are written and published? Therefore the first step is to make sure that only people can rate a company with whom they’ve actually had contact with. The second step is to get them motivated to share their opinion. This is where Rateonium steps in. Through our rewarding system users are basically “paid” in RTO tokens for providing important data about their product or service experience. This whole process offers advantages for both sides – customers and companies.

Imagine you like eating good sushi. You go to your favourite japanese restaurant, enjoy your dinner, write a review and maybe upload a picture so other users can check out how delicious your California Roll was. For sharing this experience (which is anonymized to users worldwide) you earn a few RTO. These RTO can be used for an upgrade through every partner company of Rateonium. But let us stick with the Sushi example. So the next time you go out and eat sushi you might already have enough RTO to buy a Miso soup. So see, it does not take much time to write a short, but still informative, review about a product or service. The “little bonuses” as you called it, can be used in everyday life. It is based on the fundamental law of life: You give and you get back.

To answer your last question: No, our system is not there to provide any jobs for expert reviewers. But you can actually change your earned RTO into RTC, which would then enable you to earn money by being a part of the Rateonium rating platform.

rateonium team

The conversations of today often include equality issues. So with that in mind we would like to discuss the power balance between big and small economic entities. For example, at first look at your branch approach, it seems that you favor smaller players. By that we mean that Rateonium considers a big corporation as a number of “branches”, and all of them should be registered as a separate entity, with all expenses included. This allows users to review bigger ones on regional basis while giving smaller companies an additional edge. So bigger players are not welcomed on Rateonium? Or is it just a way to balance things out? Talking about your “main audience” as a user base from the side of the companies may as well lead to the discussion about your overall marketing strategy. We’ve already discussed how could you start so now we’d like to hear how are you planning to “grow.”

Taking a look at our current partners we do not favor any specific size or influence scale of companies. Every company which provides good service and wants to build a stronger relationship with their customers is welcome on our network. This leads to a pretty undefined target audience, as you already found out. So we asked ourselves, how can we provide a structure which does not benefit any kind of company size? The marketing effect through the Rateonium system is highly related to the amount of reviews a company receives. Which then could result in advantages for bigger players. So we wanted to make sure that every partner has exactly the same success potential when working together with us. Therefore, the rewards, product, and service upgrades that companies define for our users must be first approved by us. This prevents disproportional offerings which could cause bias amongst the customers. If one company of a sector, for example, offers more inviting upgrades than their competitors, potential customers would then be rather attracted to them.

Also, we had to restrict rewarding auctions because this might just lead to further market distortions where bigger players have better cards and smaller companies would be at a disadvantage. So about your question, how we will make the company grow in terms of our marketing and sales strategy? As a platform operating in B2C and B2B, we have to be sure that both numbers grow at the same rate, otherwise this would cause a slowdown of our market expansion. We already explained how we will expand the customer user basis – that strategy strongly relies on growing the partner company network.

What is the best way to ensure the success of a business?

We think the success of a company is highly related to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there will be in replacing you. Rateonium exists now because every team member knows there is a great need for what our company will do. If you take look at the most impressing companies in the last few years, you will find out that every one of them had or has a unique manager and team –  so do we. We are growing in our tasks and team members like Angela and Oklah are exactly who we need for a steady increase of partner company relationships.

Now we would like to hear about your Two-coin system. So Ratec (RTC) is a token for purely economic purposes and the Rateonium coin is purely utilitarian? Oh, and it looks you can spend your “reputation” for money here, just like in real life. So will there be different ways in the future (with Ratec being more of an investment and trading tool) or are both an important part of the whole system? Also with the growth of the system, the scaling and volatility issues may increase… so it would be interesting to hear how would you share how you plan to deal with them in the future?

We have started the first project which offers a two-coin system. While RTO can only be generated by publishing a review on the Rateonium App, the RTC token already exists and has a finite number. The idea behind this is to prevent the RTO from experiencing market volatility. Only offering an untradeable coin would be pretty boring for the crypto community right?

But seriously folks, RTC was developed to ensure the possibility to use RTO in various ways. On the one hand it can be used for upgrades, on the other you can exchange it to RTC, which is a tradeable cryptocurrency. This basically enables you to earn money by publishing your opinion on the Rateonium App. So you see, both coins are an essential part of the system.

As we mentioned, RTO is protected from market fluctuation, that is why its value is fixed.

One RTO is currently worth 10 Euro Cents. Of course, we live in an ever changing business world, and in the blockchain world especially we are confronted with a lot of volatility and unexpected changes.

It is not possible to have a concrete plan for every market development. Assuming the worth of RTC goes up as Rateonium grows, there will come a point where an investor or trader would be able to exchange 1 RTO for more than 20 RTO. That would lead to a disproportionate ratio between reward compensation and publishing a customer review. That would only benefit the customers and potentially penalize our partner companies. But still it is important to keep in mind that RTO tokens can only be used for a purchase upgrade, so the company will not actually lose money, rather it will just make less profit than usual with the sale.

Additionally, in our partnership contracts it is specified that the rewards must be adjusted to the price of our RTC tokens. The two coin system may lead to unexpected challenges, which no ICO has ever had to surmount. But still, in our system it ensures the perfect combination of a blockchain based platform, a customer rewarding system, and a worldwide tradeable cryptocurrency.

It seems that you are rather open to look at the possible weaknesses in your project. It’s also great that you are ready to face them. But you’ve written only what users may be worried about. Could your share you own worries about the economic ecosystem that you are about to deal with? We are interested in the struggles you see before yourself and how are you planning to deal with them. Look at this as another way to reassure you future customers.

Yes you are absolutely right. Without facing weaknesses and solving problems on a daily basis we probably would not have come so far. First of all, it would be a big backlash if our sale period does not proceed as presumed. That would cause a reduction in the capital for our strategy in marketing, sales, and development. So basically we can think of the next weeks as a market testing. If the blockchain community falls in love with our mission, we can surely achieve our milestones as mentioned in our Whitepaper. We have all seen the market of cryptos in the last years, with its many ups and downs.

Nevertheless, we are certain that we are launching in the right time and place to undertake this huge project. When launching an ICO, your success is always somehow connected with the behavior of the market. Furthermore, our financial calculation is based on a stable ETH price, and we hope that we will not see any bears in the upcoming charts, that would result in us having to do some replanning of our financial structure. Also, it is important to face the risks of regulation which every blockchain project has to deal with. If RTC and RTO are not allowed by the government, for example in countries like China, we are not able to build up any partner relations and user networks in the banned countries. Therefore, some markets may not be accessible to us.

Talking about the economic ecosystem in the world of ratings, to be honest we are not worried at all. These last years have shown that consumers are constantly demanding an increase in business transparency. We have seen that in, for example, the movement towards economical, social, and environmental sustainability where even the big players are forced to change their strategic management. Therefore Rateonium is moving forward together with that global movement. Real and verified customer reviews already play an important role and their relevance is rising even while we are speaking now.

In your white paper there is a section called “Problems with blockchain.” In this peculiar long read there are a lot of facts worth mentioning about blockchain industry, but this time we will focus more on the 3rd paragraph. While fraud could be considered a major issue in the industry, this time we want to focus on other one: systematic denial of responsibility from dev teams. Like unsolved promises and “unfaithful” actions, which are partly covered in the article. With that in mind, what approach or methods do you think should be taken to effectively ensure the future of the blockchain infrastructure? Do you have something to display as a positive contribution for this solution?

Every new movement needs time to become accepted in the subconscious mind of the majority. We are programmed like that. Human beings resist being changed and therefore each new technology, especially the blockchain, has to overcome a difficult time period. After this stage of acceptance is mastered, we are talking about a worldwide social acceptance. Taking a look back in history it has always been like that. The Wright brothers were considered completely insane when they built the the first “airplane”. Fast forward 100 years, now we have elevated our means of transportation and are more connected with the whole world than ever before. We already anticipated that blockchain technology will be going through the same process of gaining social trust and worldwide acceptance.

But now to answer your question and touch on the systematic denial of responsibility from dev teams. See, if we look back in our blockchain history, the first people who really got into the technology were icons like David Chaum. Those IT geniuses had a substantial impact on the development and further improvements of the technology. Now blockchain technology is ready for the market, but is the market also ready for the blockchain?

This answer cannot be declared by dev teams only. To place a blockchain industry in the right market spot you need smart people from every different department. How do you set up the right business structure? How do you develop working products based on blockchain technology? How do you make sure that you are dealing with sustainable markets and business sectors? How do you gain trust and convince your customers? How do you actually get them to buy and use the products? How do you make sure that everything is highly regulated so no rights or laws are violated? And finally how do you find the right people to do all of the questions we just brought up?

See, we live in a fast changing world and what blockchain technology needs the most for a successful infrastructure is the understanding and acceptance of the right people. The right people with excellent professional skill sets, to be more precise. Yes, dev teams are absolutely necessary, but you also need good entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, lawyers, and people from the HR department to bring the matching teams together.

In the last few years the blockchain industry has had to face a lot of unfortunate actions. We have seen scams where people took advantage of other people because the market developed faster than the worldwide regulations and laws. And as soon as governments anticipate that they cannot control things anymore, they start to counteract and forbid it. This was also one of the reasons we saw the big dip in early 2018. The market developed too fast and most of the people did not even get the chance to grasp what this industry is all about.


So what kind of positive contribution is Rateonium offering?

First of all, a product which is accessible to everyone who has a smartphone.

Second, we are the precise team which is needed for the realisation I was talking about before. Here at Rateonium, the right people have indeed come together.

We all share the same burning desire to achieve success with blockchain technology. We are of the opinion that now is the time for worldwide acceptance and social integration. This is what we are offering the community. We are offering Rateonium. The most innovative Rating Platform in the world.

Blockchains aside, let’s discuss your Roadmap and where you are headed. When do you expect Rateonium to become highly adopted? What steps should be taken for it to happen? While we would also like to know about your expectations concerning the future growth of your project, we would also like to know why does it “end” at the end of 2019? And overall, do you know why so many projects out there pick 2019 as their final destination on their roadmap? Should we joke here about the end of the world?

First of all we think that in 2019 the world will end much like it did in 2012. Additionally it might be the end of a blockchain chapter. A chapter filled with lots of ups and downs, characterized by non-transparency, little applicability and general doubts.

At the end of 2019 it may be the start of when “roadmaps” need the be re-evaluated because the technology has reached a peak where we do not have to face a large amount of resistance anymore. We believe that at that time blockchain technology will have grown up and different applications in every business sector will take steps into the daily life of millions of people.

Rateonium, in particular, is predefined to play an important role in this new era.

Our concept is based on a long term business development strategy with different important periods. Therefore our strategic management and marketing teams have have integrated a five year plan into our business strategy.

Concerning our roadmap, we must clearly point out that the published two-year timeline is just the start. It is a projection based on the anticipated and scalable effects of our RTC token sale. The roadmap focuses on the direct impacts of the crowd sale and the ongoing system optimizations. As we’ve already mentioned, the basis of Rateonium will be built within a few weeks as soon as the community has accepted our mission and feels its need.

After our app goes live, we are pretty sure that companies like tripadvisor and payback will be forced to integrate the name Rateonium into their strategic planning meetings. Right now we have already gained the trust of enough partners that the first phase of our app will be a success. Next year, then, we will focus on creating a stronger and larger community with a greater amount of partnership companies. Our network in Europe is already prepared for the market launch, but in the African and Asian markets we have not been able to build up many partnerships yet, so that will also be our primary aim for 2019 and 2020.

But to be honest, in an industry like blockchain technology, where daily news causes market fluctuations with multi-million dollar ups and downs, how can you possibly present a roadmap which covers more than two years? We are already a reputable international company and no storyteller, so instead of promising a plan which might never actually happen, we’ve given our investors only the information we are absolutely sure about. And if we reach our predefined goals in our Token sale, nothing on earth can stop us from reaching our published milestones.

While talking a lot about things you expect to happen with Rateonium in the future we might as well ask what changes do you foresee within the industry in the next few years. When talking about industry, of course we do mean blockchain, but more specifically the market you share with your conventional competitors may change rather drastically as well. While asking to share your experience we can’t avoid the opportunity for you to share some online materials that may prove useful for our readers to understand the aforementioned industries better. Your opinion on trustworthy experts would also be much appreciated.

A prediction will still just be a prediction, especially because you asked about a forecast for the  next few years. Well, we’ve already discussed our expectations for 2019 and 2020, and of course many people are already talking about what might happen in three, four, or five years. But we think: “hey, we live right now, let’s keep the focus on the things which are necessary in the close future.” But still to answer your question, we estimate that the market will grow rapidly. We already see big investors, like SAP, investing millions of Euros in blockchain technology. Taking a look at the global players and their development always delivers a profound prognosis for further market changes.

Analysing our specific industry, we can see dramatic changes which are mostly conducted by the consumers. Take “tripadvisor” as an example. About 5 years ago you could actually use the app to find nice places and secret hints, but now restaurants without the green patch on the door are basically an exception. On one hand the trust customers put in ratings has already dropped to 80% and is still decreasing. On the other hand the relevance of transparency, and therefore also reviews, are rising constantly. So where can you find the solution for this problem has already been answered. We are the solution.

You have asked us to share some important information about the market situation and the relevance about customer reviews:

• There is a very good article published in Forbes, which debates the relevance of customer reviews in the online market.
• Furthermore, there is a newspaper long form piece from The Washington Post, where you will find out what is happening to Amazon right now. It basically shows how much customers can not rely on online product reviews.
If you want to find out what “the never-ending war on fake reviews” is then you should consider reading this recently published article by The New Yorker.
Additionally, BBC published an article where they address how fake reviews are sold in the world wide web. In there you will also find a lot of examples of companies counteracting fake reviews, without actually changing anything.

The internet is full of proven facts about how many fake reviews are out there and how important real reviews are for the market. The need for a fast solution is urgent and we are sure that we have found it. With Rateonium operating and getting more and more popular, fake reviews will soon not be a problem anymore. Customers will finally then be able to put 100% of their trust in the product and service ratings they encounter.

Now before we say goodbye you have a chance to make some additional statements if you think we may have missed any important aspect of Rateonium, your industry, etc. Also, it would be really nice of you to provide a link for us and our readers to monitor your project development and check out all of the freshest news about your project.

rateonium team

To sum up who we actually are, what we are going to do, and why we need your support:

• We are a European company which was formed in 2016. Fast forward 2 years, we are now operating out of four different branches which are located in London, Vancouver, Hamburg and of course our headquarters based in Skopje.
• Rateonium consists of more than 15 experts in the areas of blockchain, front and backend development, blockchain visionaries, marketing professionals, and a world-class C-level.
• It is our mission to change the world, specifically how customer and companies interact with each other, by providing a new rating system and data analytics tool for the quality management of companies.
• We invite our community to be rewarded with RTO tokens by rating a product or service they have purchased in one of our partner companies. The untradeable RTO tokens can then be exchanged into individual product or service upgrades, or be converted into RTC tokens, which then gives you the possibility to trade our global cryptocurrency on the biggest exchange platforms worldwide.

We are not a company which was formed to use the blockchain technology to create their business plan like most of the ICOs out there. We have been working together as a team for more than 2 years now and have spent our time preparing our launch-to-market strategy – which is happening right now, in our token sale phase.

First of all, during the sale we are not looking for investors only, we are also looking for a community which would like to build the most innovative rating platform on the planet with us, as one team together.

And therefore we are looking for you, the people who love blockchain as much as we do. The people who absolutely believe that this technology is the new railway, the new electricity, and the new internet.

And Rateonium is going to be a big part of it, with your help, your belief, and your trust.

We say thank you to the community and invite you to join us at rateonium.com.

And of course, thank you to the howtotoken team. It was a pleasure talking to you and we will definitely see each other soon. To make sure you don’t miss anything about Rateonium and our latest achievements, follow our twitter account and telegram channel.

See you and take care,

Team Rateonium
Rate. Trade. Invest.