2 day trading course

  • Level: Beginner
  • Category: For traders
  • Certificate: No
  • Online
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Course Details

This is a 4 day course squeezed into 2 days without padding or fluff. We’ve only had glowing feedback from this and we’re that confident that if you don’t make 10% ROI in your first year of live trading, you’ll get a 200% refund!


Author: Siam Kidd

Siam Kidd is a full time Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. Siam joined the RAF after school and not long after completing his Officers’ Training he began trading & investing in 2004. He didn’t have the most successful of starts. Being completely self taught and impatient he quickly lost a fair amount of money and savings. This continued for some time as he continually struggled to balance his pilot training and trading. Eventually trading became quite profitable for him.

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