Bitcoin for Everyone

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Here we introduce you to the basic concepts behind Bitcoin and what you need to know before you get started using this new digital currency. This course is aimed at beginners, that is, those new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The lesson includes explanations of the concepts behind Bitcoin, a brief history or Bitcoin, a look at how you can use Bitcoin, and a frank look at the risks involved.


Author: Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen is one of the founders of Coin Academy. In his day to day role here he curates a number of collections and also creates original Coin Academy courses. Stephen has 25 years of experience in complementary currency, sharing economy and local currency systems in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is considered to have one of the broadest experiences in the entire field. In 1995 he founded the Complementary Currency Resource Center as a place for new currency researchers, practitioners and promoters to gather, learn, share concepts and collaborate. He knows that a sustainable future is only possible with a sustainable monetary system, and that another world is possible. Stephen is a long time Asia expat who currently resides with his wife in Bali, Indonesia. He speaks frequently at currency and economic events around the world.

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