Cryptocurrency Investing 101

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This course will teach you about the origins of Bitcoin. Why it exists, who created it and why you should look into it and other cryptocurrencies as a way to diversify your asset portfolio. Over the last year, the cryptocurrency space is up over 1100%. Some assets like Ethereum are up over 3100%. These gains have made many early adopters rich. Yet most people still don’t understand, how to even get started. If you are one of those people, this class is for you.  In 2013, I began telling all of my family and friends about Bitcoin, when the price was $136. I learned everything I could about it, bought some coins and even began building my first Bitcoin product, the Pheeva Hot Wallet. I even gave away Bitcoin to my mother. I knew that we were entering a new era. The same way the internet changed how we receive information, blockchains have and will change how we handle money. The future is here. And we are just getting started.


Author: Lamar Wilson

Lamar Wilson started his entrepreneurial career with the purchase of two Cold Stone Creamery locations at the age of twenty-five after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Finance. It was during this time that Lamar taught himself to develop and created the company, 212ths, an enterprise media and software development firm. His enthusiasm for learning while at 212ths, led him to develop Pheeva, a mobile bitcoin wallet; at the time the only bitcoin wallet that could be distributed on the Apple iPhone. Continuing to pursue opportunities centered around blockchain technology Lamar started, ventured-backed Hijro and merged his love for finance and technology.

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