Full Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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The course is created for both non-programmers and programmers. However, those with basic programming skills in data structures and algorithms will be a prerequisite to complete the course. The course equally looks into points like : on how bitcoin works, security of bitcoins, regulation, and price which is in the mind of every one who has heard about bitcoin. In this course, you will discover the uniqueness of bitcoin and how it is changing the world. To really understand what is special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works at a technical level. We’ll address the important questions about Bitcoin in this course. Below is what we have to offer.


Author: Crypto Africa

Africa is the next stop for digital growth. The fintech industry is one of the industries that can be exploited. The use of cryptocurrencies in Africa is not pronounced compared to Europe , Asia and America. With the high rate of poverty in Africa, African are looking for better opportunities to invest in given the failing fiat currencies used in various countries of the continent. We have had people transform $100 to $2500 thanks to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Africans are ready to take part in any revolutionary technology that is beneficial to them. This can be seen with the success of mobile money and the increasing use of smart phones. This makes Africa a place equipped to take off with the use of cryptocurrencies in their daily activities. Access to knowledge and believing cryptocurrencies is a concept for the western world had been one of the major reasons for the slow growth in the use of digital currencies in the continent. We providing trading opportunities with payment methods available in Africa and provide content created by Africans.

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