Microsoft Blockchain as a Service

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Are you interested in blockchain technology? Want help getting started? The applications and solutions that can be created with this technology provide some unique and very valuable features which highlight the future of building secure applications that enable data-sharing in a way never before imagined. And Microsoft has been hard at work building integration into the Azure platform.
Join the experts to explore the components in isolation and in these new solutions. Find out how blockchains function at a low level, look at leveraging a variety of different chains in a solution, and see how to get started building decentralized applications. Explore distributed ledgers (the core blockchain concept), find out how to implement DevOps for blockchain applications, see tool and framework options, and much more. Get the details you need to start architecting solutions using Azure Blockchain as a Service.


Author: Derek Martin

Derek has been with Microsoft since 2015. His skills include Cloud Computing, Integration and Microsoft SQL Server. Derek’s passion for Azure led to him acting as an architect and designing new and exciting ways of leveraging Azure to accomplish long standing business problems.

Author: Cale Teeter

Cale Teeter is a Consultant in the Azure COE, based out of New York, and his capabilities include architecture and development of enterprise systems encompassing an array of Microsoft technologies. His specializations span application development of C#/C++ applications, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and web-based applications. He brings more than 10 years of experience developing applications and web services for large enterprises.

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