The professional bitcoin trading course

  • Level: Beginner
  • Category: For traders
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  • Online
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Course Details

This course covers all of our offerings in one. This is for entrepreneurs who are serious about making serious income through Bitcoin trading. This course teaches how to get set up, what to watch out for, copy to paste into your ads, how to manage your customers, how to not get scammed, how to scale, etc. This also includes an inclusion into a private traders group with your class so you can discuss and figure out new ways to make money together.


Author: Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell is CIO at Rockwell Capital Group and founder of several companies in the crypto-currency and artificial intelligence space, a former executive with a Fortune 500 bank, and the host of the internationally acclaimed radio broadcast, “The Brian Sewell Show”. He has managed more than $1.1 billion in assets, is recognized for his fiscal, strategic, and operational vision and leadership. Educated at Dixie University, Johns Hopkins University and Stanford.

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