Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork — What to Expect on October 25th? (With Bitcoin Gold team Members Comments)

Join our first podcast on 25th of October – we will talk about bitcoin gold hard fork and give a lot of inside information from bitcoin gold team

Bitcoin is going for a hard fork the 2nd time. Bitcoin Gold is the name of new fork and will be headed by Jack Liao, aka asiabtc, CEO of LightingASICS, which will happen on the 25th of October. The core goal of this fork is to “make bitcoin decentralized again.” It will be achieved by changing core proof of work algorithms to Equihash (created by Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich).  The main net will be updated in the early days of November. All the BTC owners will receive the same amount in a forked bitcoin blockchain. There are a lot of forecasts regarding the costs of Bitcoin Gold after this fork. In this podcast, we will discuss the main questions of the upcoming fork, as well as show comments from the experts and Bitcoin Gold team members. We’ll also give a step-by-step plan on what to do so that average users don’t lose their bitcoins during the fork.

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Podcast  Speakers

Kirill Shilov,
Howtotoken co-founder

Crypto enthusiast, and co-founder of Howtotoken – the daily crypto how-to website. Blockchain and all the technologies surrounding it are his passion. He likes to go deep inside and explain this complex topic in simple English so that the community of traders, developers, and other crypto enthusiasts, and anyone can understand.

Jose Mota,
Daily Crypto founder

Jose is a marketing expert and crypto enthusiast from California. He is the author of the Daily Crypto podcast on iTunes – a daily update on digital currencies and the blockchain revolution.

Thanks For Support

What Questions Will Be Discussed?

  • How Bitcoin Gold came to be? (A bit of history)
  • Who is currently working on Bitcoin Gold now?
  • Why Jack Liao (CEO of LightningAsic) wants to compete with ASIC domination?
  • What makes bitcoin gold different from Zcash in terms of mining?
  • What is Equihash and how does it work?
  • Will it be possible to mine Bitcoin Gold with ASIC?
  • What do ASIC manufacturers think about the upcoming fork?
  • How will the hard fork happen?
  • When can you start mining Bitcoin Gold?
  • Which wallets will support Bitcoin Gold?
  • Which exchanges will support Bitcoin Gold?
  • What to do to not lose your bitcoins during the fork?

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