Cryptospace Moscow Conference

The conference will be held at Skolkovo School of Management

How and why to implement the blockade?
Blocking is Internet 3.0. This statement can be treated differently, but the introduction of block technologies into business and government will fundamentally change the order of things in this world. Top experts from NEM, Ethereum and other blockers will come to us.

Tokensale (ICO) due diligence
ICO – the future of investment and crowdfunding, or financial pyramids? Why did they become the hottest business topic in the past year? We will discuss with representatives of the most successful ICO projects, as well as those who “stand over the fight” (Tokenmarket, ICORating).

Crypto-trading is Eldorado of the outgoing year. None of the financial investments brought such “iks” in such a short time. Will it be possible to earn money on this in 2018? Who and why manipulates the market? Representatives of the largest crypto-exchanges (Binance, Bitflyer), as well as top crypto-traders who make this market (Peter Sin, Ashton Addison) will come to us.

Media, PR, marketing in the blockroom
The largest blockade or ICO projects “shot” just after they were written about the world’s publications and top bloggers. These people will not build your business for you, but it is in their hands – to raise it “native” or to let it fall. Let’s talk with representatives of American Forbes, Inc, Bitcoin Magazine and journalists of other influential publications.