Global Blockchain Conference


Discuss on Regulation around Blockchain, Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & ICO’s.
Bring together Developers, Education Institutes, Experts, Researchers, Government, Enthusiasts and Companies dealing in Blockchain Technologies under one roof.
Discuss common problems faced by these groups and try to come up with proposed solutions for those.
Educate the masses about what blockchain is and how it is changing the world around them.
Give a platform to startups to showcase their innovative solutions to common problems faced by the society.

Pre Conference Events

The communities of CryptoCurrency India and HyperLedger Delhi/NCR is holding regular meetups around Delhi/NCR.

The main aim of these meetups is to educate people about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts & ICO’s. As a developer community our current focus is on teaching people on how to write smart contracts too.

The culmination of all these meetups would be a hackathon around the days of the conference. Focused around solving the common issues faced around the community in India.