InsurTech’s Original BlockChain Bootcamp

SVIA Blockchain Bootcamp is the ONLY Program giving both business & technical leaders the insight they need to integrate blockchain into their company strategies.

This Bootcamp will cover real, high-impact Insurance Use Cases for blockchain — including Smart Contracts and Cyber Insurance — through case studies & facilitated workshops.

Why Attend?

Rather than reacting to the competition, be proactive in embracing digital insurance technology

Learn how to apply blockchain technology in your company
Provide business executives an introductory program to understand blockchain and its strategic implications
Provide technology leaders insight to jump start blockchain projects
Discuss goals, projects and possibilities with leading innovators
Gain a comprehensive overview of blockchain capabilities
Get hands-on experience with blockchain technology
Learn from real use cases and case studies for: Customer Engagement, Underwriting, Claims, Smart Contracts, Identity Management, Risk, etc.