Blockchain Voting System changes the game for artists to get discovered and become famous


One of the most influential ways the blockchain is changing our world today is enabling young, talented artists to make a difference. you may ask ‘how’? Well, let us explain;  we got a decentralized system with no geographical boundaries that spreads exponentially. It means it’s pretty much everywhere you are. That also means it’s affecting the community around you and the people you live next to. Although you don’t see it, it’s changing everything. 

Soundeon, InMusik, and ISINA are services dedicated to giving rising artists a chance to make themselves known to the world. 

The blockchain is already using its groundbreaking qualities to introduce “radical transparency, equitable rights management, enhanced artists funding mechanisms, and fair event ticketing” to creatives through Soundeon. With InMusik artists can “raise investment from professional investors and fans, giving you the cash you need to get more press, create your next music video, tour more cities and grow your career faster!” Being the world’s first decentralized online platform for searching and developing musical talent, ISINA “hacks the traditional way artists get discovered,” allowing absolutely all songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists, producers, and DJs from all walks of life to get access to mentors like Kenny G and Paul Oeakenfold, upload their tracks, get rated and get chance to receive an all-expenses-paid six-week music mentorship program in Hollywood. ISINA joyfully states: 

“We guarantee your demo will be heard by your mentor and their team – this is a promise we stand by!”


To have a talent is a gift but to realise your talent is unbelievably hard. Thousands of genuinely talented artists don’t have a chance today of becoming famous. 

The poignant truth of things is that getting to the top is a matter of huge sums of money spent on agents, mentors, producers, stylists, marketers, influencers, and advertisers. Which is a real shame because if the music scene was wired to value talent over money, it would be a whole new world. 


And maybe it could be. Soundeon offers the option of protecting copyrights with Soundeon’s copyright and related rights registration service, an option for fans to fanvest and support their favorite artist plus “collect all of their ‘worldwide’ royalties within a single application environment with insightful analytics.” Micropayments are a whole different story. Using it we can incentivize and reward artists everywhere. The blockchain will also help make sure copyrights are completely secured in an immutable ledger, and the fact that blockchain technology is global means that there’s an astonishing pool of clients and artists ready to buy and sell royalties. And it’s all corruption-free, honest, and verifiable upon request. Add to that quick payment, instant analytics, and royalty tracking within a lightning-fast, immensely intelligent system that is physically incapable of lying and there it is, an irresistible temptation. 


Another inspiring platform that will jive with your creative and philanthropic instincts is InMusik. Raising investments from fans and investors has never been easier. When fans invest in artists they share the risks with professional investors (which, however, does come with some peace of mind). With investing made easy, the biggest hurdle that beginner artists face when trying to come up in the world of music is out of the way. InMusik proposes a viable and scalable business model where financial gratification in direct proportion to the measurable value of users’ contribution in the music curation. Due to the use of blockchain, the payouts are transparent and verifiable in a financial ecosystem built the principle of being fair to everyone, which is probably the only most attractive thing about it. 


Why ISINA gives people more chances than Soundeon and InMusik

While the two services we have described are impressive, we have found ISINA to be ticking the most boxes as far as beginner artists and investors are concerned. According to its rather formidable whitepaper, the 30,000 user system, which is “decentralized, protected and funded by blockchain technology,” is “able to accommodate countless applications from musicians of all types hoping to get discovered for their talents.” 

After a fair vote that covers all participants of the platform, 30 finalists will travel to Hollywood (all- expences paid), where ISINA mentors will choose their finalists. ISINA plans on eventually widening the number of their audience members to “100 million potential applicants” with “every one of them to have the chance to be heard and helped.” 

There will be no voter fraud. Artists will get honest and reliable pay for their music instead of the lion’s share of their profits being stolen. ISINA uses the blockchain for fair voting, eliminating entrusted parties for confidence in results in general, using open public networks to provide transparency, distributed data for reliability and robustness, and cryptography for safety and back-ups. 

ISINA describes three current problems that the world is facing today: 

  1. Getting into the business. First, there is the rather annoying problem of needing the experience to get a job and needing a job to accumulate experience. Second, in order to get recognition, artists need managers, agents, and mentors. For example, publishing a book will mean that it has to be proofread, sent out to publishers, and/or advertised by an SMM manager. All of which costs a lot of money. It’s the same with the costs of recording a song in a studio, and so on. The system only lets through those who have substantial resources, which is not fair. 
  2. When and if artists actually succeed, a huge share of their profits go to intermediaries and the financial systems that charge for money transfers. There aren’t that many artists that get to the top and those who do only get a part of the money they worked so hard to get. 
  3. Who decides who’s worthy and, is the voting always fair? A lot of the times that voting data is concealed from the public’s view, which makes it difficult to check whether it was manipulated. Voter fraud problem is a big deal, in large part because most of it goes unnoticed or unchecked.

The fact that users can verify voting results any time means the problem of transparency is solved with a Blockchain Voting System. Blockchain deals with the other two issues too; 1) Everyone from anywhere in the world gets access to a fair audit, no team of expensive specialists is needed anymore and, 2) ISINA tokens, which are awarded based on the user voting system, allowing artists to reap rewards based on real people’s opinions (and not those of a biased non-representative small group). The tokens can be turned into cash, or, what’s even more convenient, cryptocurrency.


In order to save you reading the whole whitepaper, we’ve supplied a handsome reader’s digest “Traditional way vs Blockchain” version with pros and cons of traditional methods described in “Fame” vs blockchaining. 

Developing your own voice

Traditional: Finding a mentor is almost impossible. All of the best ones are busy or booked out months in advance. That only leaves the huge section left populated by the ones who don’t know what they’re doing. Out of the ones that are left, finding the right one by trial and error will likely take years. 

Blockchain-based: Mentors are already there, and connecting to them is easy. All the artist has to do is create and upload a demo. The files get assessed by “Heads of Departments” – unquestionable leaders in their field who were chosen for their professionalism and experience. For example, twice the World Music Awards nominee and three-time Grammy Award winner Paul Oakenfold is in charge of the Department of the DJs or 16-time Grammy Award winner Humberto Gatica is in charge of Department of Music Producers and Engineers as well as Saxophonist; the biggest-selling instrumental musician of all time Kenny G is in charge of Department of Instrumentalists, just to name few.(1&2 arrival of mentorship program).


Traditional: Recommendations, rumors of your awesomeness and recruitment using connections are limited to your local area. Social media platforms make it near impossible to get recognition without paid boosts or having to buy thousands of likes. Local business sharks (recording studios, agencies, etc)  will charge you an arm and a leg to record your album but give you no guarantees. 

Blockchain-based: A platform with a global audience. There is no social or geographical restrictions.

Being able to sustain yourself

Traditional: Thanks to the pirate industry that is mauling copyrights today, artists only get a small share of the revenue they should. True, there is a percentage of conscientious subscribers who believe they should pay for the product, but a colossal share of fans out there still likes free stuff. The US alone loses $12.5 billion in revenue from sound recording piracy every year, plus 71,060 jobs. If you want to cross-reference the data, Music Watch estimates that 57 million Americans are downloading music illegally. 

Blockchain-based: Owning the rights of your creations.

Accurate voting

Traditional: How do artists actually know they’ve been fairly selected? Whenever it comes to closed (pre-blockchain) systems, there is no real way to weed out voting fraud (just like it’s extremely difficult to weed out corruption). Out of thousands of contestants on “America’s Got Talent”, only maybe 250 get selected. Who guarantees the integrity of those votes? In fact, who even conducts them? It looks very similar to the current political system where a small, biased minority votes on behalf of the nation. 

Blockchain-based: Blockchain voting system eliminates any possibility of falsifying the results. Every user of ISINA platform is an integral element of decentralized system and has access to all information about voting processes.

The miracle of the blockchain is quantifiable, real, and already happening. From Facebook’s Libra, which highly likely means the beginning of the end for banks, to the world’s biggest companies like IBM and Google using it. There is no doubt blockchain is to be taken seriously. 

Concluding all said above, we can ask ourself; do we want to wait for unknown time while losing our hard earned money, (thanks to countless intermediaries) – or do we want to get noticed “today” to get paid “tomorrow”? Do YOU personally want to have a power of voting and be your own boss or do you want some other “boss” who you’ve never met to represent your interests?

ISINA actually may answer those questions

The technology is already here. With all these platforms changing the game as ISINA does, getting things done is as easy as recording your demo, uploading it to the platform and next thing you know you are packing your bags for the all- expences paid trip to Hollywood.

For a beginner artist using their blockchain-based platform could mean saving years of hardship and failure, a time much better spent get wealthy and travel the world. The quick, painless and smart way is right here at your fingertips! 

The choice is simple; using the new technology you can stop wasting your valuable time and simply use it to get your dreams come true!  Now let us ask you this question: “Are YOU a star ?”

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