How marketing campaigns develop into global trends, and how you can become the trendsetter!


Every day we see and hear from 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements. It’s an informational buzz that gets filtered out by our brains easily, that’s why it’s a problem for many brands to reach their audience. Marketing is all about solving that problem and finding new approaches to the hearts and wallets of the audience. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how marketing campaigns work, and the TeleCoin trend-setter platform, which can help marketing specialists find and reach their audience all over the world. Let’s start with what you, as a business, should do first. 

How do marketing campaigns work

The first few steps you have to take when you’re starting a marketing campaign:

  1. Define the audience 
  2. Define its pains and needs, their problem that you might solve with your product
  3. Think about the message that you want to deliver to your audience (based on the portrait of the consumer)
  4. Find the right channel to deliver your message

There are many channels to deliver a marketing message. The success of your marketing campaigns often depends on your ability to choose the right channel for communication with your audience. You can use:

  • Display ads
  • Social networks with its influencers
  • Targeted ads in social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook
  • Video ads on YouTube
  • Mailing lists
  • Ads in messengers 

However, millions of other companies try to use the same channels simultaneously, which leads to a bottleneck created by all companies combined trying to generate buzz, as we’ve already described at the beginning of this article. In this scenario, your potential clients aren’t interested in interacting with your messages any more, because of the overabundance of advertisement everywhere. 

People don’t trust ads. They trust other people. That makes “the buzzword channel”; that’s how it’s called when people share their favorite brands with other people. It’s one of the most powerful channels in marketing right now. Why is that? Simple: it’s unique, as every man and woman who delivers the message is unique as well. Thus promoting your brand via other people is the best way you can build your marketing campaign. 

But how can you motivate people to promote your business? 

Giving something in exchange

Up to this moment, we didn’t have any tool or platform to directly reward those who are promoting a product. As a business, you could have only hoped for getting positive reviews from random users if they are willing to put the extra effort. 

Now cryptocurrency tokens come as an ideal solution to push clients towards sharing if they have even a slight positive experience with your product. One of these tools to help you create a marketing campaign based on incentives is the Trend-Setter Platform by TeleCoin

This platform allows enrolling users as the ambassadors of your brand. In exchange, they receive TELE tokens as rewards. The system is powered by an organic referral system on social and media platforms where you can choose and interact with influencers you need to promote your product. 

At the user level, it’s very similar to any other targeting platform: you create a campaign by setting the budget and a required action. You must be used to the common ones: like, share, download. But, on the Trend-Setter Platform, the list of available actions goes beyond that to suit the needs of any marketing specialist:

  • Games (milestone achievements, purchases)
  • Subscriptions (new and referrals)
  • Trials (online services, products)
  • Questionnaires
  • Downloads (games, demos, software)
  • Content (news, posts, blogs)
  • Micro-transactions
  • Internet Deals
  • YouTube (likes, views)
  • Facebook (share, like)
  • Twitter (retweets, likes, follow)

You can choose any desired platform. After setting up everything you can go live. The difference from other platforms is that users are interested in bringing you more customers, as their reward gets bigger too. It’s a win-win situation for every party, and most importantly, there are only two parties, with no intermediary in between. To better understand how it works, let’s see some use cases. 

If you create YouTube videos and you need organic views, you can set the views goal and find those who would be interested in watching your videos for the allocated reward. If you make video games and you’re releasing a new game, you can set the downloads goal and let the platform work for you. 


This kind of promotion is the next level of marketing – promoting direct interaction between advertiser and influencers. 

More than just an exchange token

TELE token is the main token of the platform and, right now, they are having an ongoing IEO. The whole circulation supply of TELE tokens will be 18,000,000, from which only 12,000,000 of them will be distributed during the IEO. Most of the funds raised during the event will be spent on the development of the protocol, the Trend-Setter Platform, the decentralized Tele-Fone, and many other unique products. 

For the Trend-Setter Platform, there’s a special Trend-Setter Reserve, 1,000,000 TELE tokens that will be used for promoting the project to large audiences and building the community. 500,000 of tokens will be given away to create free trials and campaigns for individuals and businesses. Another 500,000 will be utilized once the platform is established and has a frequent level of transactions for TeleCoin to create new campaigns. 

The reserve should always hold at least 500,000 TELE to be able to instantly pay rewards to users. In order to simplify the process, TeleCoin has in plan to incorporate an automatic purchase request to refill the TELE funds after payouts. That will ensure that the Trend-Setter Platform won’t need any supervision in the future.

The impact of a successful marketing campaign

It’s hard to underestimate how much any business can benefit from a professionally executed, well-thought marketing campaign. We can remember many occasions of viral marketing campaigns, that helped establish the financial stability to the companies that created them. 

  • For example, J.Crew went a long way from being nearly bankrupt to being stable again. They should be very thankful to Michelle Obama, who endorsed their clothes. 
  • Or McDonald’s, that went from being a bad food brand that was causing obesity to a healthy-perceived brand with salads which stopped its sales from plummeting.
  • Walmart, changing its slogan from “Always Low Prices” to “Save Money, Live Better” in 2007 grew its sales by 25%. 
  • Old Spice, after creating a viral campaign with a former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, their sales of body wash increased by 107%

But it’s not only about the intentional campaigns. The occasional ones can also be very beneficial to a brand’s image, being memorable and funny. 


Remember the great Andy Warhol eating a whopper from Burger King? He’s still there, on YouTube, eating that whopper, and working for the brand’s image. He wasn’t even paid for that. Or that time when somebody discovered that KFC official Twitter account follows all 5 members of Spice Girls and 6 guys, called Herb (herbs and spices) – the whole internet gone crazy for many days. 

In most cases, there are social networks involved, people spread the word and share what they like. The Pedigree charity post got almost 800,000 retweets – helping not only a good cause but also promoting the brand. That’s how it works – to receive something, the business must give something. That’s the principle of the Trend-Setter Platform is built upon, and you can use it for your benefit, and for the benefit of everybody else who just want to voluntarily help you create that “buzz”!

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