How to Win Money from Man’s Best Friends, CoinDogs!


We all love games, and those of us that aren’t complete monsters love dogs, too. With phones in our pockets all day, it’s no surprise that most of us have many games installed that we play when we don’t want to work, when we are on our commute, or while we are distractedly watching some terrible Netflix show. But the games we currently play probably aren’t making us any money. In fact, they may be a huge negative ROI since we’re spending money on microtransactions and getting nothing back in return except for fake gold coins and digital candy.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are well known for being a disruptive technology, and when games first started being launched on blockchains people went crazy with excitement (so much so that one of them increased stress sixfold on the Ethereum chain, actually). These games, right from the get go, are giving users a way to not only spend cryptocurrency but earn it as well. Sure, you can earn more stars for your Facebook games, but it never amounts to anything. The reason cryptocurrency games are much better is because when you get good at them, you are basically being paid to play – what more could you ask for?

Kitties or bots? Dogs!

When it comes to cryptocurrency games there are a lot of options to choose from, but one category of these games specifically seems to grab players’ attention the most: collectible games. It all started with Cryptokitties, for sure, but based on the recent transaction amounts it seems as though we’re moving past those adorable critters. Etherbots came next, and although these digital robots certainly held the public’s attention for a decent amount of time, eventually we left them behind as well.

What is it about these games that drew people in, but eventually caused them to lose interest? Personally, I believe it was a lack of dogs, but perhaps I’m a bit biased. In all seriousness, there are a few things (not specifically dog-related) that may have caused a drop off.

  • Lack of content: Cryptokitties let you breed cats… and that’s it.
  • Tedious fees: Breeding fees are one thing, but the fact that Etherbots charged a fee to battle (a core part of gameplay) is outright silly.
  • Conformation times: The nature of the Ethereum blockchain left these games with two options – charge higher fees or put delays on actions. Etherbots chose the former and Cryptokitties the latter. Neither seemed to work, so maybe running it on Ethereum was the problem…
  • Not enough variety: Sure, 2 million bots and 4 billion kitties are great, but in the digital age why is the limit so low?

CoinDogs solves all of these problems. One of the simple things they added that gives a lot of depth is the ability to pimp up your dogs with tons of accessories. The accessories and a few other important things is why we will focus on it when explaining why you should ditch your Facebook games and move into the world of crypto games.


CoinDogs: Yes, they are adorable

Now that we’ve cleared up the most important aspect of whether the dogs are adorable or not, we can move forward with some of the nitty-gritty details. But don’t worry, the details are ultimately about dogs, so it won’t be too bad, promise.

The main question you should be thinking is: my dog in real life costs me money, but will my digital doggos earn their keep? The short answer is yes, the long answer requires that we delve a bit into how this game works. There are four separate ways that your puppers will be pulling in the (digital) paper: racing, rent from breeding, selling for breeding, and selling to collectors. Don’t worry, if you want to hold on to your cutest flufferino no one is going to take them away from you. Literally no one can take them from you, they are a digital asset that you 100% own and control.

Racing: First, there is no fee to race your dogs. The only cost is the crypto you wager on your dog for the race, and this crypto can be earned back with interest if your dog gets in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. If you win the race, you get 3x your investment, second place returns you 2.5x, while third will net you a cool 1.5x return.

Rent from breeding: Nearly all woofers come from breeding, and since there are tons of variables that have an effect on breeding (moon cycles, lineage, a magical unicorn, etc) there are always new dogs entering the CoinDogs world. In total there are over 6,000,000,000,000 combinations; that’s six trillion for those of us who struggle reading a bunch of numbers in a row. When someone is looking for a specific dog to breed they can choose yours, and when they breed it they pay you whatever fee you’ve set. Got a really desirable dog? Set the breeding charge high and earn passive income on your four-legged friend.

Collecting: Once you’ve got a prized pup make sure you deck them out in flair and share it on social media, they’ll love it and run better in their next race. With any luck, a collector seeking your specific breed will come across your prized pup and offer to buy them; since they’re one of a kind you can sell them as you see fit. If they were a Boxer with an eye patch and a funny hat I’d never sell them, just to set the record straight.

Selling for breeding: This is similar to selling to collectors, but you’ll be guaranteeing your beloved canine friend to a life of digital sexy time…all in all, not that bad. Breeding is key to finding the fittest, fastest, happiest, most optimally shaped dog to win races for you. There are a ton of characteristics that go into making a successful racing dog, and many combinations are crucial, so when a breeder sees that your dog is just what they need they may opt to buy it for a premium price instead of continually paying your breeder fee.

Achievements: Your best friend shouldn’t just be a way to earn money though, they should be a sense of pride, which is why the developers added a huge collection of achievements for you to achieve. There are achievements for a ton of things, ranging from how well you treat your dogs to the volume of trades you’ve participated in, and more. This type of gamification adds more depth to the game and will continually give you that sense of purpose we all look for while playing.


Why dogs are better than robots and cats

Look, it should be made clear that dogs are the superior of the three aforementioned beings. Coincidentally, CoinDogs is superior to its two predecessors in the cryptocurrency game world for a few key reasons. It has far more dogs to offer (6 trillion), it has many more ways for players to earn money (racing, breeding, selling, collecting, etc.), and it has way more factors that keep the game interesting (breeding and racing based on the lunar cycle, accessories, perks for social media sharing, faster conformation times, no race fees so you can race all the time,and so much more).

Getting started with CoinDogs is easy, all you need is a compatible wallet (literally any wallet that can hold LTC) and less than 0.1 LTC to get your first breeding pair. The cost of your first breeding can vary greatly, depending on the market and your preferences, and since there is currently a small premium on Boxer puppies, I know I’m personally prepared to pay a little more for my beloved best friend. 


At the end of the day, there is no guarantee that you’ll be a CoinDogs millionaire, but you’ll certainly make more (in more ways) playing this game than you ever would with kitties, bots, or some silly Facebook game. You can get started by signing up for an account on the CoinDogs official website and don’t forget to check the best good looking dogs, as well as the latest updates directly on their social channels:

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