Making Transportation Services Safer with a Blockchain Solution

transportation safety

Discussion about the actual level of gender equality is a hot topic these days. But it’s not all just talk. There are real cases of women being treated as something ‘less’ than men and cases where those superstitions result in being solved. Still this intersects quite nicely with public safety issues, and combined they bring us to our topic today. So do you think women being oppressed in turns of transportation as much as Transportation Research Board of the National Academies see it? Do you see a brighter future for blockchain like Giulio Prisco? Or maybe you’ll try a “pink taxi” for yourself? Check it out!

Per aspera ad astra (“Through hardship to the stars”)

5 Must-Read Articles on Women Empowerment in Politics, Business, and Society by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The beginning of the 21th century could be called an era of unprecedented equality and tolerance. Still, these relatively new changes do not prove such changes are happening evenly across the globe. In pair with income and racial issues there are a list of gender prejudices that most women experience every day.


“It is no doubt women have come a long way globally to gain equal rights to their male counterparts in different facets of society…Yet despite the growing participation of women in politics and various leadership roles in government, business, and society, gaps still exist in both developed and developing countries that need to be addressed.”

Now every day brings improvement, not only in the ways that society shows more belief and reliance on the competence of woman, but also in their own trust in their personality and skills., This results in  individuals with ambitions and strength to make the world a better place for everyone.

Not a future so bright

Research on Women’s Issues in Transportation by Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

While social recognition and professional accomplishments might be an important demand, the basic need for safety is much more important. And in this way women find themselves surrounded by sexual harassment and assault news. This not only brings these problems to light, but also  creates a vision of danger in the street.

“Fear affects women’s travel patterns and use of certain public spaces. Empirical studies have shown that women often drive or take a taxi rather than walk or use public transit because of fear for their safety. In some instances, women may completely avoid the use of certain public spaces, confine their use to certain hours of the day, or visit public spaces if only accompanied by boyfriends, spouses, or friends.“

We see the world through a prism of perception, and with emotions involved real hazards  get mixed with imaginary situations creating a mixture to poison the mind with fear. This fear makes woman look at the taxi services as a cure-all solutions for their transportation problems, but the reality proves otherwise.

Passing Uber, next stop – Blockchain

Move Over Uber: Blockchain Technology Can Enable Real, Sustainable Sharing Economy by Giulio Prisco

Services like Uber or Gett sprouting up all around the world and making the process of ordering a and reliable taxi a piece of cake. But in terms of actual development those services have not gone much further than centralized taxi agencies of the past.

“To the novice, Uber-like networks seem to be decentralized.Yet, while Uber runs on a ‘smart’ phone, it does so via a quite ‘dumb’ application (app) which links into a centralized platform, which is completely controlled by and supports the goals of the company. Centralized innovation means slow innovation. It also means innovation directed by the goals of a single company. Finally, it means single point of failure.”

Focus on making their own profits bigger, combined with lack of competitive spirit, makes these conventional solutions vulnerable to fresh and agile projects, some of which might imbue themselves with the power of blockchain.

“Among the options presented in the paper, the possibility to route user-to-user services through blockchain-based platforms on the top of open and decentralized networks seems especially relevant. Open decentralized networks, of which the early phases of the internet itself provide good examples, enable the creation of all sort of services at the edges.”

pink taxi

From theory…

Using Blockchain to Protect Personal Privacy in the Scenario of Online Taxi-hailing by Ning Zhang

Informational security is a global industry where big companies spend millions to prevent losing even more. This proves to be a difficult task in the systems with a “ single point of failure” present in the basic design of their internal architecture. With those issues being omnipresent in the modern economy the industry of taxi service matching can’t avoid them either.

“Personal privacy problem of Online taxi-hailing has not been effectively solved. In addition
to lack of improvement motivation due to users’ privacy protection consciousness, the Online
taxi-hailing platform also lacks the improvement ability due to the current deficiency of privacy
protection technology. Many developing countries, like China, have yet to enact special
laws on personal information protection.”

In fact there are various theoretical designs for decentralized taxi services, with one of them being created by team of computer scientists from Central University of Finance and Economics in Peking.

“Through the application of our blockchain model, firstly, the taxi software platform
can’t obtain the entire itinerary privacy of the user, so that the privacy information won’t be
sold to other for-profit organization anymore. Secondly, the user can see all the visitor records,
thereby enhancing his control over his privacy data. Moreover, once the user decides to stop
using the Online taxi-hailing software, he can revoke its data interactive audit platform’s access
to his data.”

While those designs are great on paper, it’s the actual realisation of their ideas they lack, and in reality any brilliant idea might stay intombed inside some dusty library, unless forever…

To practice!

Pink Taxi plans to enter Middle Eastern countries together with growing women’s emancipation by BitNovosti

While taxi blockchain solutions seem to be being tested all around the industry, the Pink Taxi project focused not only on the operational benefits the introduction of blockchain can bring, but also on a matter totally unrelated. With female transportation services having some serious flaws, Pink Taxi provides a safe alternative to the conventional variants.

“The company makes use of the technology of blockchain and plans to offer solutions to the issues that women face in the modern transportation sector, as the cases of eve-teasing, molestation and other kinds of issues that women generally face during their day to day itinerary are not too uncommon.”

While handling the physical aspect of the women safety, the service also secures the personal data of the user via blockchain solutions, meaning that they are creating more of a safe ecosystem than just a taxi. While having some difficulties at the start, the project now thrives, being driven by the experience they acquired.

better lives

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you are big or small, male or female, how dark your skin is or what background you come from. We all are worthy of better lives, and in that desire to live happily we are all equal. The many issues of women’s lives may not be as flashy as war, poverty, or ecology. However, it’s still a problem and problems need solving. Maybe in the distant future we will not need a special means of additional protection for any distinct group of people, but for now Pink Taxi might be the ideal solution. Frankly speaking, we are not surprised that the solution is being empowered by blockchain.