Do you want to win a €1,000 property investment whilst trading crypto? – Trade MPG on Stex & Probit

max crowdfund

Max Crowdfund, a real estate investment platform, runs a global contest for traders on the Probit and Stex exchanges! 

As a company that issues real estate tokens on blockchain, Max Crowdfund gives you the chance to win a share in an actual real property fund equal to €1,000.

If you win, you’ll automatically become one of the investors in Max Property Deutschland (MPD), the German property fund operated by Max Property Group, which is listed on Max Crowdfund. The property bond actually receives payouts of 8% interest per year. Consider that, additional to the €1,000; the interest alone will bring you direct income every year. It seems like a great prize to go for, right? Well, that’s not all that Max Crowdfund has in store.

max crowdfund

The €1,000 reward is just the grand prize. The following 49 places will also get prizes of different values in MPG tokens. You can see the full list of prizes below, as well as what you need to do to participate? Spoiler alert: just trade MPG on one of the selected exchanges! 

Contest rules

The rules are very simple – your ranking depends on the trading volume of the MPG token on the Probit and Stex exchanges. So what’s the catch? None, only if you want to consider the fact that you need to remain profitable while trading (which you should aim for regardless). It’s a task that requires patience; a decent challenge with a great reward. 

The prizes and requirements:

  • The 1st place winner gets 1 MPD token, equal to a €1,000 real estate investment. 
  • For 2nd place, the winner gets 25,000 MPG tokens. 
  • 3rd place – 15,000 MPG
  • 4th place – 10,000 MPG
  • 5th place –  7,500 MPG

The requirement for placing from 1st to 5th is to have a trading volume of 1,000,000 MPG, and it’s also necessary to hold 1,000,000 MPG in the trading account at the ending date of the competition, right until the payment date, on the November 30th, 2019. 

  • Places from 6th to 10th receive 5,000 MPG tokens. A minimum trading volume of 250,000 MPG is required as well as a deposit of 250,000 MPG. 
  • Places from 11th to 25th – 2,500 MPG. For these places, the minimum trading volume must be 150,000 MPG and the deposit must be 150,000 MPG or more. 
  • For places from 26th to 100th, the reward is 1,000 MPG. They have the easiest requirements: a minimum trading volume of 100,000 MPG and 100,000 MPG in the account.

Of course, self-trading is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification. 

About MPG

MPG is a utility token with a very limited supply. It’s used to pay fees for listing on the platform. It might be an interesting asset for traders, as Max Property Group uses a part of its income to burn some of the MPG tokens supply from time to time. Last time, they burned 21% of the whole supply in July 2019. Suffice to say, the amount of tokens is always diminishing, which should influence the price in a positive way. 

max crowdfund

Overall, in the current market conditions, when the situation with the world debt is very unstable, and the Fed rate is going to zero, the demand for assets that generate a stable income, such as real estate, will be constantly growing. That’s why investing in Max Crowdfund’s tokens is not a mere gamble but an asset with a high potential of steady income.

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