How I Reimagined the Gaming Industry using Blockchain Technology

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If you are a passionate gamer who loves technology and problem solving but leveling up into a game developer felt like a far-fetched dream because of the high standards imposed by the industry, you might just take solace in the fact that a new era is emerging. Ethereum and blockchain technology offers you the potential to be a first market mover in this industry! You can find out more about how Haniff Knight, co-founder of Tap Project, brought his idea to life, what his biggest achievements are, and what’s next for technology in the gaming world!

Hi Haniff! Can you tell us about your journey from being a gamer to founding Tap Project?

I pride myself on being a gamer first and a gamer always. The creation of the Tap Project was for the simple fact that, as a gamer, I wanted this project to exist and the possibilities were endless. The advancements of Ethereum made this dream possible.

A lot of people have troubles understanding cryptocurrencies. Was it easier for you since you obviously encountered virtual currencies as a gamer?

The concept of a digital currency similar to a virtual currency was easier for me, and probably most gamers, to understand. Virtual currencies are continuing to grow, and it is common place for games to have some sort of secondary currency system. In some cases within particular games, a few virtual currencies actually hold a higher value than some fiat currencies. Nevertheless, when it comes to the blockchain and its potential, I still find myself learning, researching, and trying to expand my knowledge about its capabilities.

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Can you explain the concept behind the Tap Project?

tap projectThe Tap Project is an overarching blockchain project that makes use of the ERC20 token, called the Tap Coin. The Tap Coin is a utility token that allows gamers to convert their in-game currencies to cryptocurrencies, specifically the Tap Coin, and upon doing so, gamers are able to traverse multiple platforms and games. Additionally, gamers can use Tap Coins to gain access to platform tournaments, purchase or trade ERC-721 skins and assets, and take advantage of developer raids and events. Using a transactional revenue method,  the Tap Project provides publishers and developers an additional source of revenue by providing them with a percentage of Tap Coins per transaction. We have designed the Tap Coin with additional uses such as POS drip bonuses, platform verification, and much more

It seems you strongly support indie developers. Do you plan to prioritize your efforts in attracting indie or AAA-type games to your platform?

We want to remain neutral, allowing both Indie and AAA publishers access to our platform. This aspect is very important to us because we feel that the Tap Project provides benefits for both streams. We have been strong supporters of the Indie community because we believe there are alot of great developers in this area that have trouble marketing and getting their games out there. Oftentimes, indie developers are open to experimental projects and innovations. With that being said, we believe the Tap Project is beneficial to all, and it is important for AAA games to adapt to that as the markets change.

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Why did you choose the PoS consensus algorithm?

One of the biggest reasons for developing the PoS drip bonus was to provide an incentive for those that held and used the Tap Coin, and we felt that this concept would really be able to capture this. Users are required to hold 5,000 TTT to gain access to the platform and its partnering games. Similar to other proof of stakes, users will be awarded a daily bonus of .25% if they are holding over 250,000 TTT. This bonus will run for an indefinite amount of time and be analyzed monthly. This is also in combination with their earned Tap Coins for playing games.

What are the planned milestones for the Tap Project?

juego studioOne of our major milestones will be in Q2 of 2018. We will see the release of our MVP, Unity and Unreal Plugins, POS Drip Bonus, Platform API, Smart contract Core, and Exclusive Platform Game release. By the end of Q2, users will be able to play the exclusive Tap Project game developed by Juego Studios, convert earned and premium currencies into Tap Coins, and have options as to what to do with it.

The Tap Project ICO finished 2 months ago. What has your team achieved since then?

Since the conclusion of our ICO, the team has been hard at work putting together the required pieces for our MVP. We have partnered with Juego Studios, a leading international development studio. This will allow the creation and expansion of our Unity and Unreal Engine along with the exclusive game that will be the first to convert in-game scores to Tap Coins, and we have doubled the size of our development team to ensure that we reach these targets. Additionally, we have unveiled a new logo and website that we feel will carry the brand of the Tap Project and allow it to withstand the test. Furthermore, the Method and System for Converting Digital Assets in a Gaming Platform is currently patent pending, held by the Tap Project

Can you tell us about the team behind the Tap Project?

We pride ourselves on being fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, and disruptive to all. The team is comprised of gamers, developers, UI designers, copywriters, and media personnel. We each bring forward our past experiences and ideas to push the project forward.

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As far as I understand, only slightly more than 1% of the total supply of tokens were sold. How come?

Based on our model, a large portion of the token supply belongs to the Tap Platform Reserve system. This is to facilitate the integration of the Tap Coin into various games. The reason we created so many tokens is to ensure that any potential AAA game (with a large user base) would be able to use the Tap Coin. We have no shame in admitting that we are the underdogs and that we are in space that has some companies spending millions of dollars on marketing. We did not come from multi-million dollar companies, and we didn’t take an outside business model just to slap the magic words “blockchain” on it. We pride ourselves on grassroots marketing and door-to-door organic exposure. We continue to create these conversations with gamers, developers, and publishers around the city as we believe creating a local stir will in turn create national buzz. We really want people to see that we are 100% behind our project and put ourselves out there. We continue to put in the hard work to ensure that our project grows organically and can reach its full potential.

A lot of people from the gaming industry were early adopters of blockchain technology. As a result, the competition in “blockchain-ization” of the gaming industry is huge. How is the Tap Project different from its competitors?

One of the main differences between the Tap Project and other blockchain gaming projects is the fact that we are focusing on the conversion of earned and premium currencies in past, current, and future games that can be converted both on and off the blockchain. Additionally, the system for converting virtual currencies to cryptocurrencies is currently patent pending, held by the Tap Project.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that implementing such a project on consoles is extremely tough. Sony and Microsoft as of now don’t allow P2P in-game asset trading, and they have total control over their stores. How do you plan to overcome this?

There are some restrictions when it comes to asset management and consoles. However, the difference would be that we are making a slight advancement to the use of earned and premium currencies by providing an additional source of development and creativity in its use. Nevertheless, we understand that there are complications, but we believe that one of the biggest contributing factors is the potential impact that the Tap Project can make. A pendulum swing in the industry is enough to cause change.

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Would the implementation of Tap Platform require significant updates of the games that currently exist?

One of the great things that we are trying to accomplish is the simplicity of the integration process. We understand that developers and publishers are often confused with the words “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency.” We want to break down these barriers and make sure that we make the implementation as seamless as possible. With that being said, we have developed what we refer to as the Tap SDK that allows as little of a footprint as possible for integration. Developers are able to implement the Tap Coin into the current, past, and future games that are connected to our SDK.

You just integrated the Tap Project into the Bancor Network. Can you tell us why market-makers are important and why you made such a decision?

bancorIntegration into the Bancor Network allows for seamless creativity and freedom of the Tap Coin to work with any other token on the Bancor Network — giving gamers unprecedented reach for their virtual achievements.

TTT is a ERC-20 token. A lot of projects choose this standard because of interoperability. Ethereum has a significant first-mover advantage, making it very hard for other platforms to attract token issuers. Is this a problem from your point of view?

There are definite pros and cons to the attractiveness that Ethereum possesses. However, I believe that as the technology continues to grow, developers will generally go towards tech that makes development easier or faster. But on the negative side, it is easy for those without the interoperability or first-mover advantage to fade into the background even though they may do certain things better.

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Do you see any platform that may overtake Ethereum in the foreseeable future?

With the advancements of blockchain technology it is hard to say what will happen in the future. With that being said, I believe that as people explore the technology they will develop more faster, scalable, and easier ways when it comes to development.

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Can you recommend any blogs or websites that would help beginners to educate themselves on blockchain technologies?

There are a lot of materials online to look at. As I continue to learn, I find that simply Googling something can lead to a lot of good information. Sometimes the best information is from a random forum or website where its authors take pride in research and expression. For example, in the current space money often drives the media, but this does not always mean that it is correct or accurate. Oftentimes, the authentic, small bloggers who have been following blockchain technology for years may have more credible information than that of a AAA news agency.

Can you give some advice for the people who want to convert the idea they are so passionate about into a real project?

One of the things that I encourage people to think of when they get into cryptocurrency or the blockchain is its potential. Think back to all those crazy ideas that you had years ago and reimagine them using blockchain technology.  We truly are in a time where a lot of innovative ideas will be first to market movers. Do not be discouraged with others and their lack of understanding, but rather put yourself out there and speak to those people who say that it’s not going to work. Once you have identified your innovative idea, never give up. Surround yourself with people that know more than you, or those that may challenge you to continue to innovate. One thing that I found was that the more I met and discussed the blockchain, the more ideas and innovations came into my head. Additionally, don’t rush to perfect your idea. With patience comes creation. Especially as technology continues to evolve; you may find that you have to shelve an idea and continue to research about innovate ways to expand that technology.

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