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Howtotoken Manifest

How to determine the value of a person?

If your goal is to help people, for example, then you can focus on the number of “thanks” that people tell you for your work. The more gratitude you receive from people, the more valuable your contribution is to the charity.

If you are an entrepreneur, then value can be estimated by the number of satisfied users/customers in the business that you have created. The more satisfied the clients, the better an entrepreneur you are.

If you are a businessman, then your value is measured in the amount of money that people are willing to entrust to you for investing.

Those are just few examples, the list can be expanded. But there are “experts” who live among us and with whom we communicate every day. How does one measure the expertise of people – diplomas, certificates, scientific works? Yes, but this is not a fairly fixed asset. In my opinion, you can take a very simple instrument to measure expertise – this is how many times in a certain period (a day, week, month, years) you have been asked the question: “How to…?” If you are not asked such a phrase then this is most likely an indicator that you are not proficient enough or your information is out of date and you need to continue to learn.

We decided that it would be great to be able to very simply express gratitude to the experts, and to also celebrate that expertise in the community.

For these purposes we decided to launch the new project:, and to release a token, “Howtotoken,” with a very simple use:

Every time the community expresses the gratitude to any one person, we give him or her tokens. Tokens can be sold and bought, but only those who have not bought a token but receive them from community for free (as a thanks for their help) are recognized as the experts.

This is how expertise becomes valuable, its both reputational and economic.

Participate in the community and get tokens. If you need to turn them into cash, sell them on the exchange. It is important only to keep a positive balance of the tokens received from the community – which is equivalent to your progress within the community.

And, of course, we have decided that reputational value is not enough. Each expert should receive a material reward for his or her contribution. So a percentage of’s income will be distributed among all holders of the tokens.

Join howtotoken ICO — the first ICO where you can’t buy tokens and can only could receive them for your expertise.
Details of the “Howtotoken” token
Quantity: 100,000,000 (limited emission)
Platform: bitshares
Issue: Tokens are released in parts, depending on the growth of the community.