Prices of cryptocurrencies are dropping so fastly and deely. What should I do?

10 000 question challengeCategory: Profits (trading, ICO, mining)Prices of cryptocurrencies are dropping so fastly and deely. What should I do?
tokenh6_wp Staff asked 3 years ago
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tokenh6_wp Staff answered 3 years ago

DaMut (Sr. Member, Bitcointalk):
“Altcoin will exist as long as Bitcoin survive,
Bitcoin will survive even though Altcoin dying.
What happen to altcoin if Bitcoin price is surging ?
the answers are sell and hold,
even though Bitcoin price is surging,doesn’t mean every altcoin will goes down.
some times you will see both of them surging.
what should i do if Bitcoin price is surging ?
First,you need to know what is going on with Bitcoin and what is the trigger for this movement upward.
if you did not find anything,we can assume it’s a Bulltrap which mean more likely altcoin will get pump.
and something like that.
do some research before doing something,
and remember if you hear something good about Bitcoin and the price is surging,
in the few months later you will see a ‘huge’ pump happen to every altcoin.
it can be happen because they’re trying to accumulate more Bitcoin in order to get profit a lot in the coming bull trend
there’re a lot of thing that can not be explain,
because trading has a lot of possibilities,you need to feel it and cool.
many people lose their money because of their emotion,just be cool.
if you can not do that,just hold and you will get what you deserve.”