The Top 5 Learning Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders Recommended by Experts

In this list you will find five educational resources suitable for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency traders. All of these courses are recommended by professionals, including journalists and IT specialists who took the courses in order to develop professionally and tap into this new area of knowledge. None of the reviews included in this article were sponsored. Some of the original reviews were shortened so that you see only the most relevant information.

1. Trading Cryptocurrencies, The Chart Guys

This course covers the foundations of trading, patterns and common indicators useful for cryptocurrency trading. Both daytrading swings and long-term trading strategies are included in the curriculum. To learn the very basics of trading and technical analysis – e.g. trends and support lines – and decide whether this course will be of use to you, watch Chart Guys’ free videos on Youtube first and then, if you like their style, jump straight into the course. It could also be useful to watch The Chart Guys’ daily market updates they post on Youtube.

Recommended by Noah Detweiler, author at The Merkle

Noah primarily covers technology and cryptocurrency. Prior to that, he served as an editor in a number of US media outlets, and has worked at CBS and Apple. He holds a BA in government and legal studies from Bowdoin College.

“The course is hosted on and presented by “Charting Man Dan,” an entrepreneur and longtime stocktrader who seems to know his stuff. The 6+ hours of course content is divided logically into 7 sections. The material was delivered clearly and concisely, and visual slides complemented the spoken content nicely.

Relatively high-level primers on the how-to’s of trading, patterns, common indicators, etc. were exactly what I needed to go from know-nothing to know-something. I also appreciated that the course covered swing and long-term trading strategies rather than simply daytrading.

Thanks to countless hours spent watching the Chart Guys’ free YouTube content, I already had a surface level understanding of technical analysis and crypto trading prior to starting this course. After completing the course, I have a good deal more insight on the logistics, patterns and planning associated with successful trading. In particular, I’m more comfortable and competent playing oversold bounces (also known as bottom-fishing). Though I can’t bring myself to take Dan’s advice of trading with fake money to start – too boring – I’ll keep my inevitable losses small by following another of his recommendations: always set a stop loss.”

Price: 150 USD

2. Skill Incubator Courses

Skill Incubator offers a range of courses, and you can choose one that matches your interests and level of experience in trading. The courses will teach you about the foundations of the technical analysis of cryptocurrency prices. You can also learn about risk management, which will help you not to lose money while trading.

Recommended by the Bitcoin Trading Sites blog author

Bitcoin Trading Sites provides an overview and comparison of different Bitcoin brokers and exchanges. They also have a blog where they sometimes share insights related to cryptocurrency trading.

“Before I did my first real trade, I had been participating in the Skill Incubator Mastery Course for maybe 2 months. So several times a week I had literally only been learning how to trade in theory, without trading for real yet. And I think that this was a great setup to enter the market when I felt ready to practice with real money. People are different of course, and maybe I’m especially cautious, so other people might start to trade actively way earlier. Still I think it’s very recommended to first learnall basics till you start trading for real money.

After more than 2 months with the Skill Incubator Mastery Course, I was familiar with charts and technical analysis, had already seen a lot of possible scenarios of how the markets can behave and how I should react on that.

Within the Skill Incubator Mastery Course they have a live trading group – an extra chat room, which you can enter at anytime and talk with other participants, who are all very motivated to learn and come up with interesting questions. At certain times a day Rocky participates in this chat room and leads the live class.

This is pretty exciting for a beginner, I often hurried to get into the chat room to follow the conversation, not to miss any important real time market alerts because they were talking about current market moves, their entries and exit plans, you could learn a lot, or at least just take the advice and do the same.”

Price: around 200 USD per month, depending on the course

3. The Crypto Mastermind

Crypto Mastermind offers numerous videos on cryptocurrency trading strategies. Some of the videos are free, others are available only through paid subscriptions. Some of the videos are for beginners and explain the basics of trading and technical analyses, while others offer valuable insights even for experienced traders. For instance, there are videos on Fibonacci retracements and confluence stacking.

Recommended by Steve, author at Smart Options

Steve writes about ICOs, trading tools, and cryptocurrencies markets.

“A great point with The Crypto Mastermind is, that paying members are able to request new videos on certain topics – that give the course a nice and individual touch.

Frankly, at first we have been under the impression that the usage of the word “Crypto” in the title of the site has been chosen only to market a “usual” trading course, like selling a general technical analysis course with the help of the crypto buzz. However, you have to keep in mind, that the site is still young, and of course you want to cover the basics first and build up from there with more specific content

In our opinion technical analysis works great on FX – and it works for Cryptos, too. Though this market is still very young, more and more newbies are jumping in and do their trade decisions based on news, so right now it is often very often emotion-driven. The absence of real fundamentals and institutional traders makes technical analysis even more difficult. If something like the China ban happens, you can screw your TA. On the other hand, the markets respect technical analysis on a high level under certain circumstances, like if BTC moves sideways. The quality of the videos was overall pretty good, the elder videos’ sound quality is a bit dull, though it becomes crystal clear in later videos – so this issue has been addressed. The website itself has a nice design, but usability issues – the menu structure is confusing and needs a better structure.

If you are new to trading The Crypto Mastermind course is definitely a good investment. You get videos that explain all the basics in a good didactical way and you can learn very much – I’d choose The Crypto Mastermind instead over any Udemy course. Right now it is more a Technical Analysis 101 – but you will need this basics for sure. Considering that you pay a one-time fee of $147 you will get all upcoming videos, which I assume to get deeper and deeper into crypto-specific topics. Where I can see a great potential, is the mastermind group on facebook. This adds up interactivity to the course and will help to get feedback on your first steps. The activity of the group is currently increasing, which is a good sign – the quality of the content there is overall good.

If you want to learn the basics of technical analysis, don’t save on the wrong end and treat yourself with valid information and a well thought through path to follow.”

Price: 150 USD

4. Cryptocurrency Trading, Udemy

This course covers the basics of cryptocurrency trading. In particular, it is focused on trading altcoins. Through it you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading and ICOs as well as the ways of securing your cryptocurrency to avoid being vulnerable to hackers. This course is taught by Ravinder Deol, who is a certified Bitcoin professional.

Recommended by Johann Wannenburg, Director of Physical Asset Management at Collaborit

Prior to joining Collaborit, Johann was the Senior Principal Engineer of Asset Management at Anglo American Platinum. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria.

“Great course to get into the basics of cryptocurrency trading. The trading examples and coin charting was particularly helpful, and was a good reference for a starting point into something I knew nothing about a few days ago. The course was excellent in helping me understand the basic strategies, as well as, highlighting more in-depth concepts not covered by the course. This was a good thing since it got me asking questions regarding core concepts, which is exactly what I expected to get out of this course; an entry point into cryptocurrency trading. The instructors are knowledgeable in the topics that they cover and are very clear and concise. I am impressed by the amount of content squeezed into such a short course. Thank you for presenting a well structured course.”

Price: 12 USD

5. Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, Udemy

It’s an introductory course on cryptocurrency trading. You will learn the basics of trading the most popular cryptocurrencies and altcoins as well as the fundamentals of technical analysis. The instructor is Steve Ballinger, a professional cryptocurrency investor.

Recommended by Ken Haile

Ken is a data analyst from Colorado,USA, and an active Udemy user. He has taken dozens of courses on Udemy, predominantly on tech-related subjects. He uses the knowledge he acquires for professional and personal development.

Do you know what a Bitcoin is? How about a cryptocurrency? Have you wondered about investing in cryptocurrency but don’t know how risky it may be or where to start?

Taught by a highly successful investor, Steve Ballinger, MBA, delivers another exceptional investment course concerning cryptocurrency, how to make sense of the confusing array of investment options, what is a blockchain?, how to use a crypto wallet, and does this type of investment fit your investment profile?

With this course, you’ll learn all you need to know to begin investing in cryptocurrency. You’ll see actual cryptocurrency sites: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Steem, Dash, Ripple, and more. You’ll learn about the different cryptocurrency wallet types: desktop, cloud, mobile device, hardware, and even paper cryptocurrency. You’ll learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency with actual examples from various exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, Shapeshift, Poloniex, and more.

Steve will share with you key investment concepts of including cryptocurrency in your investment portfolio: market evaluation, scaling into an investment, reallocation, and automated investing. He’ll show you sample cryptocurrency portfolios. Do you know that you can earn cryptocurrency? Steve will show you how.

While most Udemy courses run from 1 to 3 hours, Steve gives you a comprehensive 8 hours with 74 lectures to make sure you fully understand the investment opportunities in cryptocurrency. Want to know WHEN to invest? He gives an excellent overview of Fundamental and Technical Analysis investment methods as well. He’ll wrap up the course by giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do to get started investing in cryptocurrency today!

I’ve only been able to give a high-level summary of what you can learn with this course. I’ve taken 6 of Steve’s courses and have been extremely satisfied with every one of them. He presents complex investment topics in an easy-to-understand and captivating manner. The time will fly and you will learn a lot. There is no fluff in his courses – it is all highly relevant and interesting material.

Price: 12 USD